2NE1 Releases Last Song ‘Goodbye’ For Blackjacks While YG Entertainment Comes Forward To Explain Why Popular K-Pop Girl Group Disbanded [Video]

After seven years singing phenomenal hits songs such as “Come Back Home,” “Fire,” and “I Am the Best,” the groundbreaking K-pop girl group 2NE1 officially disbanded back in 2016. Such news came as a shock to the K-pop community; earlier that year, YG Entertainment founder and CEO Yang Hyun Suk said 2NE1 would continue forward as a three-member girl group after Minzy chose not to renew her contract. Needless to say, it was a very sad moment in 2016 for all K-pop especially fans who considered themselves to be Blackjacks (official fan club of 2NE1).

In a unique way, Yang Hyun Suk’s promise that 2NE1 would continue as a three-member girl group did come true, although it is only for one song. Unsatisfied with how their disbandment hurt their fans, the remaining three members of 2NE1 — CL, Bom, and Dara — came together to sing one final song to them, a farewell title known as “Goodbye.” Now that their swan song has finally been released, the group and their dedicated fans can finally find closure. As for YG Entertainment, they came forward to explain the reason why 2NE1 disbanded.

2NE1 -- 'Goodbye' Vertical Poster

The song and official music video for “Goodbye” were released on Saturday, January 21 KST. According to Soompi, the song was written by CL and composed by both J Gramm and Rock Monroe. Originally, “Goodbye” was supposed to be included in CL’s solo promotions for her U.S. music career as a way to express her regretful feelings for 2NE1 disbanding. However, it was suggested that it should instead become the final song 2NE1 performed for Blackjacks.

It should be noted that 2NE1 has not performed any new content prior to “Goodbye” since 2014. As such, “Goodbye” is more meaningful not just to 2NE1 but for Blackjacks who waited loyally for 2NE1 to make a comeback since that time. However, there is a bit of hope in the song as one of the final lines sung is “goodbye until we meet again.” Maybe years from now, when the members of 2NE1 are older, fans might see some kind of reunion tour. If Sechskies and S.E.S. can do it multiple years after disbanding, why not 2NE1?

Yang Hyun Suk

Apparently, 2NE1 performing their swan song “Goodbye” gave closure to the girl group and Blackjacks, but any loose ends still need to be tied up. One question that still lingers is why 2NE1 decided to disband. According to AllKpop, Yang Hyun Suk spoke about the disbandment during a recent interview.

“I wanted to protect 2NE1 when Minzy moved to another label but the reason why I decided on their disbandment was because I believed that Park Bom’s mental health was not well. After that incident (her drug controversy), the criticism she received was immense. Not only did Park Bom suffer from stress and guilt, but she also longed to keep promoting with 2NE1. I advised Park Bom that 2NE1 is important, but I wanted her to put her mental and physical health first.”

So in a way, the reason why 2NE1 disbanded is the reason most K-pop fans and Blackjacks believed why they disbanded: Park Bom. However, it wasn’t solely because of her drug scandal, but because Yang Hyun Suk cared far more for her mental and physical health. Yet, that brings up more questions, such as why Bom did not re-sign with YG Entertainment if Hyun Suk cared so much for her in the first place. Either time will tell us, or we’ll never know.

At least there is a light at the end of the tunnel pertaining to 2NE1. It looks like the line “goodbye until we meet again” was a foreshadow of a promise. Even Yang Hyun Suk enforced it by stating the following.

“You never know what can happen so there may come a day when they reunite like S.E.S. I believe that day will come.”

Presently, CL and Dara are the only members of 2NE1 to re-sign with YG Entertainment. They are busy with solo endeavors. Minzy is signed on with a new label and is preparing for her solo debut too. As for Bom, fans don’t know exactly what she is doing, but she is slowly but surely assimilating back into social media.

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