Malia Obama Lands Hollywood Internship: Harvey Weinstein Hires Barack Obama’s Eldest Daughter

Malia Obama is looking forward to life after the White House, and things are looking up in a big way.

Barack and Michelle’s oldest daughter accepted an internship with Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. The former first daughter has wasted no time getting her feet wet on civilian soil, and a film great has taken notice, according to Page Six reporting.

Malia is 18, and she finished her high school journey months ago. The news that she is focusing on Hollywood is not all that surprising, according to Us Weekly. She spent time at a noted fashion house and on the sets of TV productions.

Last summer, Malia Obama interned in Williamsburg with Lena Dunham’s Girls a short time after turning 17. She was snapped on the HBO set facilitating things and getting coffee for the cast and crew. The summer before her Girls internship, Malia was selected for an apprenticeship on the Steven Spielberg production of the film, Extant, starring Halle Berry.

If Malia is contemplating a career in Hollywood, her internship with Weinstein is as good as it gets. Some of the producer’s credits include The Founder, Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare in Love, Lion and more.

Weinstein has a history of supporting the Democrats in Washington. His relationship as an insider apparently played well with the Obamas. In 2013, he and his wife, Georgina Chapman, hosted a fundraiser for the Democrat Party. During the event, President Obama thanked the Weinsteins for their support, friendship, and for making “amazing” movies.

As the oldest Obama daughter, all eyes have been on Malia’s future, waiting for the day she begins her life in college and beyond. Unlike her sister, Malia’s time as a first daughter has not been uneventful.

Last year, Malia vanished from the public for three months. Her absence sparked rumors that she was battling substance abuse and had entered a rehab facility. It turned out that Malia was out of the country with friends in South America, not in drug rehabilitation.

Recently, as the Inquisitr reported, Malia was spotted in a party hotspot in Washington. Footage emerged that showed the teen in a boozy bar. She wasn’t seen consuming alcohol, but it was apparent she was having a good time.

Malia’s sister, Sasha Obama has been making headlines of her own. The younger Obama daughter has become a fashion barometer in her own right, and she displayed her eye for comfort wear recently.

Sasha was seen with a pal on a beach sporting a fashionable bikini. The 15-year-old has two years of high school remaining and will remain in Washington with Barack and Michelle Obama until graduation. From there, the sky is the limit for her future.

Sasha and Malia got a good sending off from two daughters of former President Bush 43. As they did when the Obama daughters entered the White House, they wrote another letter to help the Malia and Sasha cope with the transition back to civilian life.

“Jenna Welch Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush — just as they did when their father, George W. Bush, left the White House — penned a passionate letter of encouragement to the Obama sisters, Sasha and Malia. Again, Bush’s twin daughters showed class in non-partisan style at a time when the nation is draped in uncertainty. Like they did eight years ago, Jenna and Barbara wished nothing but the best for Malia and Sasha.”

It’s anyone’s guess what role Malia will have during her internship, but she will, reportedly, work out of Weinstein’s New York office.

Malia with be starting Harvard University, her father’s alma mater, in the autumn semester. Until then, we wish her well on her internship with Weinstein’s company.

[Featured Image by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images]