‘Beaches’ In Lifetime Movie Hillary Character Changed To Black In Lifetime Movie Remake Starring Nia Long

Beaches is coming to the Lifetime channel this weekend. Lifetime viewers have been anticipating its arrival for months, and the exciting new cast has definitely created a buzz. The new Lifetime movie is a remake from the 1988 movie by the same name, which starred Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey. It was based on the novel by Iris Rainer. The 2017 version, which will stick to the original story, examines the friendship between two lifelong friends and how that friendship is impacted when one of them is faced with death. This television comedy-drama was directed by Allison Anders and written by Bart Baker and Nikole Beckwith. It stars Idina Menzel as CC Bloom, Nia Long as Hillary, Antonio Cupo as John Pierce, Colin Lawrence as Bryan, and Sanai Victoria as Tory Whitney, Broadway World is reporting.

Synopsis: Lifetime’s Beaches Starring Nia Long and Idina Menzel

Hillary and CC have been best friends since they were children. Over the years, they have shared some beautiful and unforgettable moments that will forever remind them of the true meaning of friends. It hasn’t been a perfect relationship. In fact, Hillary and CC have lived through some trying times that have tested and threatened their friendship.

Throughout it all, Hillary and CC know that there is a deep true love between them that will never die. Hillary is going through a difficult time since she has discovered that her husband has been unfaithful and has a mistress. Even more shocking, Hillary learns that she is pregnant. Despite the affair, there is no way that Hillary is giving up this baby. She is determined to make it work, and CC couldn’t be happier for her friend and vows to be there for the both of them.

Together, this trio forges a lasting and loving connection that only the luckiest people in life get to experience. While others never find that sort of bond in a lifetime.

But tragedy strikes when Hillary gets news from the doctor that she is terminally ill. Scared to death, Hillary knows that she wants CC to take care of her child when she dies.

Will Hillary suddenly make a dramatic and unexpected recovery or will the nightmare of losing her best friend forever become a reality for CC?

Like the first movie, Lifetime’s Beaches is sure to evoke tremendous emotion from viewers based on the looks of the official trailer. Beaches is the type of television film that will offer happy and funny moments but will also have very sad scenes.

The subject of friendship, the loss of a loved one, and terminal illness are themes that will play out during the movie. So keep your snacks and your tissue box nearby.

So Why The Change In The Cast To Make Hillary’s Character Black?

That’s the question that many old timers are asking. Some have sarcastically suggested that Lifetime is in the “remaking movie business,” which seems unnecessary since there are so many great ideas for films. While some are opposed to the remake, others are looking forward to a redo. Listen in on some YouTube viewer comments.

“Beaches is iconic…why are they remaking this?”

“I say the same thing leave the original alone.”

“The original had me with tears. This trailer alone had me with tears. I love the original, and I know I’ll like this version!!!”

Some other criticisms suggest that although the original movie was beautiful and sweet, it didn’t make enough of an impact to warrant making another film since the first one was excellent enough.

One thing to consider is that remaking some of these films and changing up the cast is a way to reach a different and a larger audience. Lifetime Television viewers are not just made up of one demographic anymore. With America’s changing face, there is a need to reflect those faces on television and in movies.

Besides, Nia Long is a gorgeous black actress who always brings depth and realism to her roles. She definitely won’t disappoint in the role of Hillary.

Beaches (2017) is executive produced by Denise Di Novi and Alison Greenspan. Harvey Kahn is listed as the producer, according to the Internet Movie Database.

Beaches, the world premiere, airs this Saturday at 8/7 p.m. Central on Lifetime. In case you missed it, the movie The Rachels aired last week. Read about it here.

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