WWE News: WWE Planning To Change Designs For WWE Intercontinental And United States Championships

WWE has been debuting new championships that pretty much all have a similar design, and now there is a threat that this could very well happen to the WWE United States and Intercontinental Championships. Many people feel the designs for the new championships have been somewhat lazy, as they have all been similar to the other titles, barring, of course, the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, which is different for a reason.

WWE has a habit of wanting things to be in order and so micro-managed that they go over the top to such an extent that they ruin what could be good or what was already good. Just look at the case of WWE Superstar Emma, who was wonderful before. Now, they’re making her just another good-looking girl who looks great in a bikini. She was different before and stood out because of it.

All this being said, the same thing could be occurring yet again — this time with two very notable championships. Dean Ambrose told WWE SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon that he “needed a new title” this past week on due to how it smelled after The Miz held it. The WWE Intercontinental Champion would not make these remarks for just any old reason.

Jericho Owens

According to Cageside Seats, WWE very well could be opting for a design change for the WWE Intercontinental and United States Championships. The rumor is that it is simply an update due to the two being the oldest designs of all the current WWE Titles — even the WWE World Title AJ Styles currently holds. Due to the fact that WWE has been changing up all belt designs to make them look similar, a lot of WWE fans fear they’ll do the same again with two of the most prestigious titles in pro wrestling today.

The thing about these titles that will force the WWE to take a bit more time may be the fact that their name presents a need for a difference. You need the United States Title to be red, white, and blue. You cannot just add a red strap and call it a day. There is a need in the title being a great representation of the country. If it doesn’t look good, then what is the point of changing it?

The same argument can be presented with the Intercontinental Championship. Just adding a blue strap to it won’t work either. There needs to be a representation of the world on the title. It would be good to really highlight the globe on the title to make sure they truly capture how big of a championship this is to hold in the world of the WWE.

Dean Ambrose Ic Title

WWE must capture the essence of the championships with the new design and not opt for just a lazy design like they have done with the last few championships. This is the reason why people fear the possible design change. They don’t want these two titles ending up with a terrible design. There are few who are upset about the titles changing at all.

The main issue is simply the distrust in WWE to give the fans a championship that is actually a good design when the last four have been sub-par due to their similarities barring the strap. People have gotten used to the new titles, but that does not mean they want older titles to take a hit. People can get past some new titles being a bit off because they’re new, however, the same cannot be said for older, prestigious titles.

Obviously, it remains to be seen what the new designs will be. For now, fans have a waiting game, but it is expected that we could see the new championships within the next few months. That means we could see them by WrestleMania 33 or soon thereafter.

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