Kristen Stewart Gets Scientific As Robert Pattinson Makes Movie, ‘Twilight’ Star And Girlfriend Stella Maxwell Separated By Schedule

Kristen Stewart is determined not to be just a movie star. She wants to direct, date lots of people, and co-author scientific papers! While her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson is busy getting his film career back on track after his successes with the Twilight and Harry Potter series, the 26-year-old actress is dabbling in so many other things.

The Cafe Society actress definitely surprised everyone when she quietly but surely released a scientific paper on Artificial Intelligence. It was a by-product of her movie Come Swim, which is headed to Sundance Film Festival. That does not mean she didn’t do rigorous scientific research into how artificial intelligence can be used to create visually stunning works of film.

“Kristen Stewart is most well-known for her star role in the massively successful (and massively mocked) Twilight movies,” reports Quartz. “Less well-known is her interest in AI, laid out in a new paper on the use of the technology to create art in her screenwriting debut, Come Swim. The paper was released yesterday on ArXiv, an online research repository run by Cornell which publishes papers before they’ve been peer reviewed.”

As someone, who has never gone to college, publishing a scientific finding is definitely something that is admirable.

On the other hand, her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson is still figuring out how he can best use his looks and acting talents to make it as a serious actor. He released his latest movie, The Lost City of Z, to pretty good reviews, getting 87 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

“One of the best films of 2017 we’ve already seen, the adventure drama explores the time period of the early 20th century when Hunnam’s character, Percy Fawcett, discovers evidence of a lost civilization in the Amazons, but is ridiculed by the scientific community,” reports the Film Stage. “As one can see in a batch of new images, during his adventure into the Amazon, Hunnam will also be accompanied by Robert Pattinson, whose character’s role is to assist Hunnam on his journey in search for further proof of this lost civilization.”

Since they broke things off after Twilight franchise, Kristen Stewart has completely changed aspects of her life. After being in a relationship with Robert Pattinson for multiple years, she now is exploring another side of herself, dating many women in a very public fashion.

Her current girlfriend is Stella Maxwell, a Victoria’s Secret model who was previously linked with Miley Cyrus. Kristen and Stella spent the days leading up to the new year showing that they are doing their best to spend some time together before their busy schedules separated them.

“Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Stella Maxwell have their hands full as they make their way out of a smoothie bar on Wednesday afternoon (January 4) in Los Angeles,” reports Just Jared. “The actress and her Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend went super casual as they enjoyed a cute outing together.”

Now that the 26-year-old actress-director is getting busy helming her first movie, Come Swim, it may be harder for the lovebirds to find time for each other.

Despite the fact that parting is such sweet sorrow, Kristen managed to stay positive as she prepared herself to promote her film at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

“Kristen Stewart cracked a rare smile at LAX on Thursday before catching a flight to Utah’s Sundance Film Festival,” reports the Daily Mail. “The wet-haired 26-year-old looked tough in her black leather motorbike jacket over matching leggings, a white top, and Adidas trainers. The César Award winner was dressed down aside from the luxurious, quilted-leather Chanel purse she toted through the bustling terminal.”

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[Featured Image by Jordan Strauss/AP Images]