‘Goblin’ K-drama Ep 14 Review, Ep 15 And 16 Preview: Kim Shin’s Return, A 9-Year Time Skip, And A Teaser For Eun-Tak’s Death

Goblin Episode 14 has just aired, and it was as satisfying as it was surprising for its fans. Proving most speculations wrong about what might happen to the series’ main characters, the K-drama managed to begin its steady journey towards its final two episodes on a high note. Overall, Goblin Ep 14 was a strong episode that managed to effectively explore the aftermath of the climactic events in Episode 13. However, inasmuch as the events of Episode 14 were heartwarming, a preview for Goblin Episodes 15 and 16 appeared to tease that something dark and tragic is about to happen.

Goblin Ep 14 did not waste time in exposition. Jumping nine years after the events in Episode 13, the K-drama immediately began exploring the life of the titular character’s bride, who was already 29 after the time skip. Just as predicted by numerous fans of the series, Eun-Tak’s memory has been effectively wiped after Kim Shin’s death. Thus, when she managed to meet her destined love again, she had no memory of their time together 10 years ago.

Kim Shin's return and his reunion with the Grim Reaper were among the highlights of 'Goblin' Ep 14.

One of the best things about Goblin Ep 14 was the way the episode was directed. Dramas have a tendency to milk the trope of lost memories to the point where it becomes tiring for the viewer. None of that happens in Goblin Ep 14, as the plot progressed significantly over the course of the hour-long episode. From the introduction of the time skip, to the rekindling of Kim Shin and Eun-Tak’s relationship, the episode was able to provide viewers with a well-deserved breather after the climactic, yet heart-wrenching events in Episode 13.

Numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit have noted that Goblin Ep 14 effectively managed to bring the tale of the main characters full circle. After hundreds of years without having recollections of the past, the Grim Reaper was ironically the only one left with memories after the climactic battle against the evil eunuch in Episode 13. Notably, the scenes featuring the reunion of Kim Shin and Reaper was, for the most part, extremely gratifying for the viewer. Their light banter, together with their emotional moment as friends with quite literally hundreds of years worth of backstory, was something that fans of the hit K-drama greatly appreciated.

Overall, Goblin Episode 14 was exactly what it needed to be. It provided viewers with answers to questions lingering after the events in Episode 13 and it managed to get the plot ready for its definitive conclusion. Apart from this, Episode 14 was able to finally able to put all fan reservations about its female lead to rest.

Over the course of the series, Eun-Tak’s character has received a lot of flak from fans due to her childish nature, with many stating that her role as an immature 19-year-old girl was holding back the acting abilities of Kim Go-Eun, the actress who plays her. With Goblin Ep 14’s time skip, Eun-Tak’s character was able to develop very well, and Kim Go-Eun was fully in her element.

The tale of the lead characters in 'Goblin' greatly progressed in Episode 14.

Though Goblin Ep 14 was a heartwarming episode for the most part, the events in the preview for Episode 15 immediately attracted the attention of viewers. In stark contrast to the light atmosphere of Episode 14, the preview for Goblin‘s second-to-the-last episode carried a very dark and tragic atmosphere, with Kim Shin openly crying while holding Eun-Tak and the latter seemingly being involved in a brutal accident. One thing that was particularly interesting is that the scenes involving the Goblin and his bride appeared to be set in the Grim Reaper’s tea room, leading numerous fans to speculate that the K-drama’s female lead might soon meet her demise.

Goblin has so far managed to catch itself after lagging midway through its run. While the movement of its plot became painfully slow and some of its characters became inconsistent during its initial episodes, the K-drama managed to get its rhythm back during the last couple of weeks. With the series’ main villain vanquished and with the drama approaching its definitive finale, Goblin appears to be gearing up for a number of last-minute, plot-changing twists. From what could be determined from the Episode 15 teaser, it seems like the K-drama is opting for one memorable, emotionally jarring finale. Fans are greatly advised to get a box of tissues for the upcoming Goblin finale.

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