Selena Gomez May Follow Justin Bieber & Sofia Richie’s Example By Joining The Weeknd On Tour

Most people probably wouldn’t think of Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie as romance role models, given that Justin’s relationship with Sofia received so much of a backlash that he ended up exiting from Instagram. But Selena Gomez just might be the exception, with a new report revealing that the “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” songstress may slay the world with a surprise by joining her new boyfriend The Weeknd on tour, just like Sofia did when Justin was touring in Japan.

With Selena posed to possibly play the role of the world’s cutest road tour assistant, she’s considering joining The Weeknd for a section of his tour that just happens to include his birthday, reported Hollywood Life, which cited a source’s scoop.

The “Same Old Love” singer can’t handle the upcoming separation from her sweetheart that would result from his European tour, and that’s why the 24-year-old may be “taking her romance with The Weeknd, 26, on the road when he heads to Europe for tour dates throughout Feb. and March,” according to the insider.

Will Selena Gomez use Justin Bieber's romance with Sofia Richie as a role model by joining The Weeknd on tour?

“She said she was planning on doing something special for him on his birthday and that they had discussed going to Europe together,” revealed the source.

In hinting at joining The Weeknd on tour, Gomez would be following Justin Bieber’s and Sofia Richie’s lead if she does so. But there’s one big difference between Selena and Sofia: Gomez can sing. Would she potentially perform a duet with The Weeknd or even be his surprise opening act?

“She didn’t say whether or not she would be performing,” added the insider.

The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, is set to wow his fans with his kick-off show in Stockholm, Sweden on February 17. His birthday is on February 16, just after Valentine’s Day, which gives the new couple plenty of opportunities to show their love, including a surprise sighting from Selena to help Abel kick off his show and celebrate turning 27.

Prior to the road trip for Abel (that just might include Gomez), the two are having fun together. They recently were seen on a flirty date at a hot spot, the L.A. club Tenant of the Trees, with a concert by John Mayer as the focal point. John just happens to be another one of Taylor Swift’s exes, but apparently Selena didn’t want to let the bad blood between her BFF Taylor and her ex Mayer ruin her fun.

When Sofia Richie was romantically involved with Justin Bieber, she even went with him to Japan during his tour.

As for what to expect if Selena joins The Weeknd on tour like her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber’s tour trip with his then-girlfriend Sofia Richie, look for lots of personal photos on Instagram. Sofia’s decision to join Justin on tour took place before he exited Instagram, and both Richie and Bieber documented their surprise travels with Instagram photos, noted Us Weekly.

When Justin, 22, traveled with Sofia to Japan, they flaunted their romance on Instagram. The supermodel daughter of singer Lionel Richie, now 18, joined Bieber in showing off their love for each other. Justin went shirtless for one photo, sporting white Calvin Klein underwear, while Sofia struck a supermodel pose.

While Selena may be joining Abel on his European tour, Richie’s time with Bieber on tour took place during the Japan leg of his “Purpose World Tour” stops. Sofia, whose big sister is Nicole Richie, was seen during that visit walking with Justin in a park in Tokyo. Sofia sported a leopard-print jacket and wore a red bandanna, while Bieber stayed true to his fondness for casual wear, donning a black graphic T-shirt that boasted “F–king Awesome” along with tan chinos and black sneakers.

Even after Justin exited Instagram after the backlash over his photos of himself with Sofia, Richie continued to share pictures of the two.

A photo posted by Sofia Richie (@sofiarichie) on

If Gomez is thinking about Richie and Bieber in contemplating joining The Weeknd on tour, however, she may want to also consider what happened to Justin’s and Sofia’s romance after that time together on his tour. Bieber subsequently split from Richie just weeks after their time in Japan.

The romance between the pop prince and his supermodel gal pal fizzled because it got too “super-hot and heavy” for Justin to handle, a source told E! News. The insider also revealed that although Bieber desired to cool down their relationship, the collapse of their romance “just sort of happened on its own.”

In addition, another source told E! News that the media spotlight took its toll on their relationship. Although Bieber and Sofia remain friends, the romantic part of their relationship is “taking a backseat” as they focus “on being friends at this time.”

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