Harrison Ford Ranks As One Of The Best Fictional Presidents

Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, and Bill Pullman are considered to be among the best fictional Presidents in television and film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Ford’s portrayal of President James Marshall in director Wolfgang Petersen’s 1997 action flick Air Force One topped a recent survey conducted by The Credits. The website is sponsored by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Researchers asked 501 voters which fictional president they would vote for in an election. Over 23 percent went with Harrison Ford, a candidate supported heavily by Republicans and Mitt Romney fans.

Securing second place was Morgan Freeman as President Beck in the 1998 killer asteroid movie Deep Impact. The Million Dollar Baby star was supported by 19 percent of polled voters. Bill Pullman’s turn as President Whitmore in the campy science fiction flick Independence Day came in at number three.

Out of the possible candidates voters could choose from, the three female Presidents ranked at the very bottom of the list.

Should the United States of America find itself engulfed in a zombie apocalypse, those surveyed would have cast their votes in a completely different direction. Samuel L. Jackson was considered to be the best presidential candidate to bring the country back from the brink of certain doom.

Thanks to her ability to bring down hordes of the undead in countless Resident Evil movies, Milla Jovovich ranked second with polled voters. Tom Cruise, a man who has saved the world on numerous occasions, came in third. While these actors haven’t portrayed the President, people seem to think they have what it takes the save the nation from flesh-eating monsters.

Harrison Ford is all over the place this week. In addition to being ranked as one of the best fictional presidents of all time, the Star Wars co-star recently revealed he was open to reprising his role as Han Solo in the next installment of the popular franchise.

Do you think Harrison Ford is one of the best fictional presidents?