The Weeknd, Selena Gomez Fearful Of Romance Being Similar To Brangelina Amid Bella Hadid Feud

The Weeknd hopes that his relationship with Selena Gomez won’t reach similar heights of Brangelina or Bennifer, fearing that if more attention is drawn to the romance, there’s no chance he’ll want to continue dating the singer.

According to reports, The Weeknd is head over heels in love with Selena, having dated the former Disney Chanel star for the past two months — sources say the twosome kept their romance under the radar until recently when photos of the duo emerged together.

The images were quite telling, The Daily Beast reports, with one particular photograph showing Selena planting a kiss on The Weeknd’s cheek. It not only took fans by surprise but also the “Starboy” hitmaker’s ex-girlfriend, Bella Hadid, who reportedly had no clue her former flame had moved on with somebody she considered a close pal.

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Whatever the situation may be regarding Bella and Selena’s friendship, Hollywood Life claims that neither Selena nor The Weeknd is very much caring about what others have said about their relationship — they are happy together and that’s all that matters.

What’s beginning to bother the 26-year-old, though, is that The Weeknd strongly believes that if the media’s obsession with his romance to Selena doesn’t die down in the near future, it’s only going to get worse from here on out.

The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, allegedly fears his relationship being bigger than Brad Pitt an Angelina Jolie or Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. He cannot grasp an understanding as to how somebody can live their life with photographers and the media watching his every move. As a solo artist, it’s fine, but when a famous love interest is involved, it makes it so much more, the source argues.

The last thing that The Weeknd wants right now is for his relationship to distract his music career — he deeply cares for Selena, but if it’s going to get in the way of his success to continue making great music, he’ll evidently have to choose one over the other, and it won’t be Gomez.

“He wants to shut down all the extra stuff, he doesn’t want to be seen out and about everywhere with her and all over the news and social media as a couple,” a source tells the outlet. “He wants to be known as an artist and the relationship can thrive behind closed doors.”

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“He is not in any mood to be the next Bennifer or Brangelina and if it gets to those crazy levels he will shut down the relationship immediately,” the source continued. “He doesn’t want to be a pawn in anyone’s game, he doesn’t want his relationships to become a Taylor Swift type joke.”

It’s only been a week since reports confirmed claims that The Weeknd had been seeing Selena Gomez for the past two months. The couple is reportedly planning on releasing music together in the near future, with the “Come & Get It” performer having already announced that she’s actively working on her follow-up record to Revival, her self-proclaimed most personal album to date.

As previously mentioned, The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend, Bella, is said to be furious over the supposed fact that Selena is now dating her former partner.

According to reports, the up-and-coming model had hoped for Selena to have the decency and reach out to her prior to finding out about the relationship via social media. The fact that Gomez is such a good friend with Bella’s sister, Gigi, yet couldn’t her pal’s sibling the heads up has absolutely infuriated the Hadid’s.

It’s unclear what the situations is between Gigi and Selena, but from what’s been gathered, via NYMag, Bella wants nothing to do with the singer — she’s disappointed that she wasn’t informed about The Weeknd romance prior to it being announced to the world, and currently can’t find it in herself to forgive.

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