This Is Criminal! The Sizzling Billie Piper Strip Show In The First Trailer Of ‘City Of Tiny Lights’ Threatens To Distract The Detective From His Work

Billie Piper’s big screen comeback in City of Tiny Lights crime thriller can only be described as sensational given the amount of skin she reveals in her role as the long-lost lover of Tommy. And that’s only as far as the trailer is concerned!

In the trailer, Tommy’s voiceover introduces the audience to his world as the British actress swims back into his life. Sexual tensions builds up between the two and they soon find themselves in a West London bedroom where the flirting continues. It doesn’t take long for Shelley to rip Tommy’s shirt off. Soon they are tumbling on the bed in their birthday suits.

Billie Piper strips off Riz Ahmed in City Of Tiny Lights

A prostitute comes knocking

But while everyone would be hoping for everything to go smoothly now that his love-interest has returned, there is a twist as an upmarket escort shows up in Tommy’s office seeking his assistance over the murder of a young woman from Russia. And as it turns out, the investigation is what earns the film a place in the thriller genre!

City of Tiny Lights is set in West London and Billie plays the role of Shelley, the love-interest of a back street detective named Tommy Akhtar played by Riz Ahmed. Pete Travis is the director of the film in which a Riz plays a deadbeat private investigator, the devoted son of a sickly man as well as a fan of cricket. Others who star in the film include James Floyd, Cush Jumbo from The Good Wife and Roshan Seth who has featured in Gandhi and Indiana Jones.

The film was first shown at the London Film Festival in 2016 and was well-received. It will be released to movie theaters in the United Kingdom beginning April 7, 2017. It is based on a novel written by Patrick Neate who also co-wrote the film’s screenplay. The Patrick Neate novel also bears the same name as the film.

Riz has confessed that the crime thriller was a passion project for which he had been approached to star in several years go. It also helped that the actor was born in London, despite the fact that he can speak in an American accent fluently as demonstrated in various roles.

Billie Piper strips off Riz Ahmed in City Of Tiny Lights

“This film taps into the contemporary culture of London. it draws on classic styles of storytelling and morality-telling while still being the classic film noir … It’s a unique film, with a mixture of tone, and the world that it shows is one that we don’t see a lot,” Riz Ahmed said of the film during its premiere in Toronto, Canada.

From side role to a starring role

Playing Tommy in City of Tiny Lights is one of Riz’s major starring roles having previously played supporting roles mostly. These side roles include in such films as Jason Bourne, Nightcrawler, and Rogue One. He got a Golden Globe nod for his performance in The Night of, a mini-series from HBO.

For Billie, playing Shelley should, however, not have been a daunting task as she has previously played a similar racy role in the drama, Secret Diary of a Call Girl where she acted as a prostitute named Belle.

With her last role in a film dating to as far back as 2005 when she featured in the British horror film Spirit Trap, Billie was drawn to City of Tiny Lights because of the way the movie represented London.

“When I read the script, I fell in love with the fact that it shows London complete with all its many colors and cultures — the real, modern, diverse London I know and love, so often lost in TV dramas and Hollywood movies,” said Billie.

The British actress also revealed that she had long wanted to work alongside Riz Ahmed. During her absence from film, Billie got to star in a couple of TV shows including BBC’s Doctor Who. She also appeared in several stage plays some of which earned her critical acclaim. This includes Yerma at the Young Vic.

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