Jennifer Lopez Hints Dating Drake May Be A Publicity Stunt

Jennifer Lopez is opening up about recent reports claiming she’s dating Drake, and her comments has many fans claiming that she’s all but confirming their alleged romance may be nothing but “fake” and a publicity stunt.

According to reports, Jennifer was asked about Drake during a recent press conference to promote the upcoming second season of her NBC drama Shades of Blue and appeared to suggest that she and the rapper may not be dating after all – weeks after sources claimed that the couple’s romance is a publicity stunt.

Entertainment Tonight asked Lopez about the swirling dating rumors surrounding herself and Drake tight now during the Shades of Blue TCA panel on January 18, where she confirmed that the twosome have actually been working on new music together.

“He just asked me to do a song with him and that’s what we’ve been doing,” Lopez told the site of Drake this week, neither confirming nor denying the slew of recent reports claiming that they’re actually dating. “We’ll see if it’s on his next album,” Jennifer added.


Though Lopez didn’t officially admit that she’s not dating Drake in addition to confirming their rumored upcoming duet, Jennifer’s confession got a lot of social media fans accusing her of hinting that the dating rumors may be nothing but a publicity stunt to promote the song amid reports Drake’s ex-girlfriend Rihanna is allegedly “furious” about their relationship.

“Does that confirm that their ‘relationship’ was a publicity stunt?” Twitter user @TellTalesOnline tweeted in reply to Lopez’s comments about her relationship with Drake, while @Salmaaa_95 recently tweeted, “I’m thinking it’s a publicity stunt, like with Drake and [Jennifer]. They have apparently been working on music together.”

“Publicity stunt eww,” @FebriliaPramest added following Lopez’s recent Drake comments, while BET even slammed the rumored couple as having “fake love” following Jennifer’s confession.

Though Drake and Jennifer are yet to respond to rampant “fake” and “publicity stunt” claims, this certainly isn’t the first time it’s been reported that Lopez and Drake may be dating for publicity.

Page Six alleged earlier this month that Jennifer Lopez and Drake’s romance was fake, claiming that the twosome were spotted out and about together and posted numerous cozy snaps on Instagram to promote their upcoming duet, which Jennifer just confirmed to Entertainment Tonight.

The site alleged at the time that Jennifer and Drake were supposedly only dating for publicity, calling their romance “fake” while noting that if Lopez was in fact dating the rapper, the two would have kept their relationship much more private.

“It is believed they are using their chemistry to sell their new record,” a source alleged to the site of Lopez and Drake’s supposed “fake” romance earlier this month, calling out the rumored couple for what they claimed is a big publicity stunt.

The Lopez insider also went on to point out that recent footage of the Jennifer and Drake leaked online – which E! News reported appeared to be taken at a fake prom and showed the duo kissing and hugging on stage – is thought to be amateur footage taken from the shoot for the music video for their new duet, the title of which is yet to be officially announced.

Jennifer Lopez

“Several of the videos conveniently come with a soundtrack featuring vocals from both artists from their new song,” Page Six’s inside source noted of the leaked clips, slamming Jennifer and Drake’s supposed dating life as “fake.”

“This relationship is fake, it is just a publicity stunt to publicize their record together,” continued the source, weeks before Lopez appeared to hint that all may not be as it seems between herself and the “Hotline Bling” rapper while promoting Shades of Blue. “If Jennifer and Drake were really dating, they’d be way more private about it.”

Do you think Drake and Jennifer Lopez supposedly dating is a publicity stunt to promote their new duet?

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