Kanye West Supporting Caitlyn Jenner Decision To Attend Donald Trump Inauguration

Kanye West is backing Caitlyn Jenner and her supposed decision to attend the forthcoming Trump inauguration, it has been claimed.

The rapper, who is said to be in talks to perform at the event, is alleged to have reached out Jenner, letting her know that he fully respects her decision to continue with her plans to attend the bash, despite the fact that her family members aren’t too pleased about it.

According to reports, Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, and her siblings have not openly embraced the idea of Caitlyn attending the inauguration the way that he has. While the Kardashians reportedly think that it’s a bad move for Jenner to put herself in that kind of a position, Kanye feels different.

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According to Hollywood Life, West likes the fact that Caitlyn isn’t trying to please people just to be liked; she’s simply supporting someone she truly believes will make quite the impact on America — in her eyes, it’ll be for the better. Of course, the Kardashians couldn’t disagree more, but Jenner is entitled to her own opinion, the insider adds.

Kanye West sees so much of himself in the former Olympic champion — this is more so seen by Caitlyn’s behavior. The insider explains, saying that Caitlyn will not change her views about something just because people don’t like whatever she’s supporting, and Kanye is the exact same way.

One of the reasons why the “Stronger” rapper believes he has bonded so well with Jenner is solely down to the fact that their personalities are so alike. Neither one of them could care less about being liked by the public through the decisions they make — they’d rather be authentic to themselves and live a happy life than to try and please others.

“Through her transition, he’s always wanted her to be her true, authentic self — and attending Trump’s inauguration is no different. He supports Trump and he fully supports Caitlyn supporting Trump,” the source mentions.

“Cait’s like Kanye, she doesn’t give a f*ck about people criticizing her for what she does and what she believes. She walks to the beat of her own drum and if Kris [Jenner] or any one of the Kardashians have a problem with her going to the inauguration than tough.”

While it’s believed that Caitlyn Jenner will be attending Donald Trump’s inauguration this week, the socialite has yet to confirm it herself.

As for Kanye West, recent reports claimed that the father-of-two was very much interested in performing at the event, but was reportedly still waiting on the call from the White House to be offered a placement on the roster of celebrities taking to the stage to welcome Trump and his family to their new home.

News of Caitlyn Jenner’s reported decision in wanting to attend the inauguration comes just months after sources had claimed that the 67-year-old had not been on good terms with some of her family members including Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, People claims.

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While Caitlyn attended Kris’ Christmas party, last month, where the likes of Kanye West and Paris Hilton showed up to celebrate the festive occasion, sources claimed that there was still a lot of tension between Jenner and her family over the endless feuds they had found themselves in.

It was said that Khloe, in particular, has found it incredibly hard to forgive Caitlyn for her actions to publicly bash her mother in multiple interviews after she had made her announcement to come out as a transgender woman. Caitlyn had claimed that Kris was a difficult person to be married to, before going on to describe her as controlling, among other things.

By the look of things, however, it seems as if Kanye West is still supporting Caitlyn, mainly because the two share so many similarities between one another.

Do you think there’s a tight friendship being built between Kanye and Caitlyn?

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