Lisa Appleton’s Tiny Bikini Fails To Cover Her Up As She Drinks From The Bottle On The Beach

Lisa Appleton is at it again, as she gave beach goers more than an eyeful in her latest attention-grabbing stint, her goodies nearly drooping out of her teenage-sized bikini top. The 48-year-old reality TV star could barely keep herself to herself during some time spent on the beach while she was holidaying in Spain. The TV starlet decided to show off her curvy physique in a rather revealing yellow bikini while she swigged white wine straight from the bottle.

It also appeared that Lisa had some trouble keeping her knickers on while at the beach, posing for a selfie one could see that missing attire from her arrangement. Although her minuscule entourage was just enough to cover her absolute essentials, the former Big Brother housemate did not seem to phased by her appearance. Keeping up with her usual glamorous appearance the plump celeb did don the beach wearing her full-face makeup, framing her eyes completely, and looking camera ready at all times.

Lisa Appleton tiny bikini failed to cover her large breasts

Swigging her white wine straight out of the bottle, the former bodybuilder showed that she has no shame, and cheekily snapped herself in a selfie while doing it. Not to be outdone by her face, Lisa similarly took the time, before the beach day, to make sure that her hair was also done just right. Her hair has been perfectly done up, styling those glossy locks of hers into something a little looser and with a bit of a wave.

Carefree Lisa

Her attitude as of late has been one that is very carefree in nature and has been coupled with various stages of her exposing her naked body (or parts of it most of the time). To match her tiny triangular coverage act form the beach, Lisa was recently spotted partying in Spain where she managed to catch a few headline through her mechanical bull riding shenanigans. The pantless Brit straddled the bull with all the confidence in the world, only to shock club patrons with a well-exposed panty shot.

Not far removed from the panty incident, Lisa was ousted by pics of her sharing herself with two different men on the same night. Saucy pics of one her flings butt grabbing expertise giving fans and club patrons more than the eye full they probably didn’t expect.

Her recent bout of carefree antics has attracted the star some attention from those who follow her wildly bombastic antics. Scotty T, Celebrity Big Brother winner, recently posted a pic of the wild one on his Twitter account, featuring Lisa taking out her rubbish bins in her undies and a very open robe.

While spending time on the beach in Spain, Lisa found herself playing around with celebrity blogger, Ryan Mera, failing to give the poor lad a piggyback. As the failed attempt at a piggyback ride for Ryan came crashing down, the crazy pair could not stop their laughter as they were clearly having a great day together.

The British Kardashian?

In spite of the 48-year-olds recently revealing and fleshy moments in the not so distant past, she has been grabbing attention at almost every turn. The former Big Brother contestant has poked some fun at her rather odd tendencies for the scanty photo opportunities, fixing Rylan Clark-Neal’s car wearing little more that her undies. Lisa Appleton was introduced by Rylan as “Warrington’s answer to Kim Kardashian,” as the exhibitionist made her entrance wearing a rather daring lacy red dress.

“No one has had more column inches over the past 12 months. She has been in the papers every single day, everyone is fascinated by her every move. She really is Warrington’s answer to Kim Kardashian.”

It seems that Lisa’s antics are not going to be coming to an end anytime soon after being freed from her proverbial cage after her eight-and-a-half-year romance with Mario Marconi. It does however, seem to be part of the new Lisa that is not changing for anyone and not going anywhere.

[Featured Image by Tom Dulat/Getty Images]