Real Madrid Roster Promising Copa Win Against Celta Vigo FC

The latest Celta Vigo FC and Real Madrid roster has been confirmed and published by Managing Madrid showing that coach Zinedine Zidane is putting Ronaldo smack in the middle of the offensive line. Flanking him will be Asenso and Vazquez for the upcoming Copa del Rey match against Celta.

The Real Madrid roster took priority in the report as the team already suffered a loss against Celta. According to the article, Zidane will not do as he did in the latest La Liga match of making midfield rotations.

Immediately after Zidane’s previous announcement of an earlier roster on January 14, the Spanish team suffered their first loss against Sevilla at La Liga on the following day. At the time, according to The Associated Press, Zidane quickly came to the defense of his roster picks after they had been slammed by the local media and fans for their loss.

Real Madrid Roster To Blame For Second Loss?

Celta Vigo team applauds fans during Copa del Rey match against Real Madrid
Celta Vigo roster celebrate their win at Santiago Bernabeu stadium against Real Madrid, second loss in a week. [Image by Paul White/AP Images]

Real Madrid – also known as Los Blancos, lost their first game against Sevilla on Sunday followed by their second with Celta Vigo on Wednesday.

CBS Sports blog says that with the two losses suffered by Real Madrid in a week, that they were on the verge of being eliminated from the Copa del Rey.

Much credit went to Celta Vigo’s striker Iago Aspas who took the lead against Madrid, who were sluggish during the first 64 minutes of the game, followed by Marcelo and then finished off by Jonny, setting the score at 2-1.

The article suggests that their elimination from the Copa is unavoidable, despite their 40 game winning streak. But it also suggests that there is really nothing to fear and that even the Real Madrid fans aren’t worried.

For one, it suggests that the first loss against Sevilla was due to their goalie and a late win. Then it suggests that there was an even weaker squad on the field on Wednesday, which could explain why the Real Madrid roster couldn’t seem to land a score as early as fans might have hoped.

But Real Madrid has been disqualification from the annual Copa del Rey before, which another article by the same reporter who suggested they could face another elimination, initially published in December of 2015, in the same blog.

The reason for their elimination at the time came down to their use of an ineligible player, who the Real Madrid coach claimed had no idea he couldn’t use him. The team contested the elimination, which the media considered an overall embarrassment.

But ESPN FC shed some more light on the reason Real Madrid didn’t get ahead of Celta Vigo during Wednesday’s game.

“Celta Vigo pulled off a deserved smash-and-grab Copa del Rey result at the Bernabeu with a 2-1 victory against Real Madrid, who rarely threatened the opposition goal.”

New Roster Could Guarantee A Serious Comeback For Real Madrid

Zinedine Zadine watches in disbelief as Real Madrid takes a beating from Sevilla.
Real Madrid's coach Zinedin Zidane watches during match against Sevilla. [Image by Angel Fernandez/AP Images]

It’s likely that the roster was non-threatening because midfielder Casemiro reportedly said after the loss, that they were still shaken from their previous loss against Seville, which he attributes to why they had a slow first. According to the mentioned play-by-play report from ESPN FC, Casemiro was starting to pop right before Aspas took control on behalf of Vigo.

The same media source, however, reports that Casemiro spoke on behalf of Real Madrid when he said that they would continue to work hard and that they want to win the upcoming games.


ESPN FC has thorough coverage on the action as they too covered Zidane’s response during a press briefing after the game. He acknowledging that he and his roster were unorganized from the start. He too said that their loss from the La Liga game over the weekend had a negative effect on the team.

Then there’s also the matter of controlling his roster. Sports analysts say that Zidane’s changes in Wednesday’s game were also part of the problem.

That previous Thursday when they played Sevilla for game two of the Copa del Rey Round, Zidane had already pulled a few of his players to rest up, including Ronaldo. This could perhaps be the reason they tied 3–3, which hinted as a sign of things to come.

Right before Wednesday’s game one of the Copa quarter-final, it was reported that Dani Carvajal had a torn hamstring and would be facing a month on the sidelines, and so he was replaced by Danilo. Nonetheless, Zidane was reportedly angry about their second loss but continued to appear optimistic about the near future.

There is also talk about Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo – who is considered the best soccer player in the world — is being sized-up by rival counterpart Aspas, whose name recognition is currently overwhelming that of Ronaldo.

If the Real Madrid roster does face a threat of another loss, or an elimination as noted earlier, then the risk that Aspas wipes out Ronaldo’s name rep and put his in its place, could pose as a greater threat for Los Blancos.

[Featured Image by Paul White/AP Images]