Chrissy Teigen Shares Photo Of Herself Naked On Her Husband’s Armchair

Chrissy Teigen shared a photo of herself and her husband in which she was fabulously naked while hubby John Legend sat on his armchair. Teigen also shared a photo of her thighs that really captivated fans because she was showing off her stretch marks.

Teigen received a lot of praise from women after she posted the photo of her leg on Twitter. She received a lot of positive feedback because of her confidence in her body considering that most women dread the idea of flaunting their body in public especially when they have stretchmarks. But not Teigen. She proved that she has quite a high level of confidence and is very confident in her body.

Teigen receives overwhelming response on Twitter

Chrissy’s stretchmark photo received a whopping 94,000 likes on twitter and 11,000 retweets. A lot of women commented on the photo mostly with positive remarks to the 31-year-old model for being so confident with her body. Some also commented on how they have struggled with low esteem because of their struggle with stretch marks.

Chrissy Teigen thigh high split interests fans

“You’re real as f**k. thanks for reminding everyone that not everyone is 100% flawless (even tho you are and stuff),” one fan commented.

Teigen also stated jokingly that she did not post the photo to receive praise. She stated that she posted the photo because she had taken some wine and that she also liked the pattern of the stretch marks. The model’s stretch mark post even encouraged other women to share photos of their own stretch marks.

“Thx, need to show this to my 14 y/o who’s had them for a few yrs. She’s beautiful, you all too!” another fan wrote.

Chrissy not afraid to show off her body

Teigen is currently a mother of one and she is married to famous musician John Legend. The model has always been known for being too confident as well as being a trendsetter. Last year she became a source of controversy after she showed up at the American Music Awards in a very risky dress featuring a huge slit going all the way up to her ribs. She also did not wear any underwear and to add to that, the dress ended up giving her the worst wardrobe malfunction that she has ever had.

Chrissy Teigen thigh high split interests fans

The risky black dress also flashed her vagina and the model received a lot of criticism for her choice of attire. The event happened a few months after she gave birth so her idea with the dress was that it was ideal for flaunting her post-baby body. Unfortunately, she took it too far and it ended up being a disaster.

Regardless of her misfortune at the AMAs, it was evident that Teigen was in great shape especially considering that she had given birth a few months prior to the event. She did not seem to have any flaw on her body whatsoever and despite being criticized for her unusual choice of attire, she should have received praise for maintaining her body in such good shape.

Fortunately for Teigen, this time she is receiving positive comments for posting the photo of the stretchmarks on her thigh. Some of her fans even expressed gratitude to her for making stretch marks and cellulite seem normal. Women with cellulite and stretch marks are often treated with negativity which is why most women go through self-esteem issues.

This is not the first time that the model has posted a photo of the stretch marks on her legs. In 2005 she posted a photo of her legs in which she also showed off the stretch marks on her thighs. She also had some bruises on her thighs which she claims were the result of bumping into her kitchen drawer. Chrissy is, however, very confident about her body and she does not let something as insignificant as stretch marks bring her down.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]