'No UFOs Or Aliens At Area 51': Real Base 'Just South' Of It, MUFON Director Claims

Norman Byrd

The government does not have a secret facility at Area 51 in Nevada wherein they house, hold, or store aliens, nor do they experiment or reverse engineer UFOs there. At least as far as the executive director of the Mutual UFO Network knows. He also firmly believes that all government disclaimers about Area 51 are true. Because, technically, they are. That's because the actual work being done on UFOs, according to him, is occurring at an area "just south" of Area 51.

The place is designated as S4. It is even on the same Tonopah Test Range in Nevada. And it is where, the Daily Express reported this week, MUFON executive director Jan Harzan says, based on "insider information," the government carries out its top secret testing on recovered extraterrestrial craft. He also claims that it is here, in an underground facility secretly built into the base of the Papoose Mountains in Lincoln County, Nevada, where the government houses UFOs and aliens.

"Area 51 is a top-secret airbase for the CIA and military to test super-secret aircraft years ahead of what the general public is aware of," Harzan said of the mysterious facility.

"As best we know, there are no UFOs or aliens at Area 51."

Last year, Andre Milne, founder of defense technology firm Unicorn Aerospace, which develops navigation technology for the U.S. government, told the Express that it was true that: "Area 51 is a very well secured U.S. Air Force base that is mandated to test and evaluate the performance of experimental and or classified U.S. military aircraft."

To use the parlance of conspiracy theorists, Milne admitted that Area 51 was where "black projects" were conducted.

As was reported by the Inquisitr, Milne acknowledged that it was the work being done there that necessitated the notoriously strict security that guards its perimeter. "Area 51 is a highly-secured facility for the painfully obvious necessity to restrict any and or all witness observations of the classified aircraft and the advanced performance evaluations away from the multitude of individuals and governments that want nothing but to undermine U.S. National Security."

Jan Harzan said that government officials easily speak of Area 51 as having no aliens or UFOs because it is true.

"So when the President," he said, "or other officials proudly proclaim that there are no UFOs or aliens at Area 51, they may be technically correct because they are at S4."

Still, as far as UFOs being sighted around the world, Harzan is relatively certain that just a small portion reported to his organization, MUFON, are human engineered. He also noted that there were even ways to tell human-made craft from alien.

"I am certain that at least five to 10 percent, maybe more, of what is being reported to us could, in fact, be top-secret U.S. aircraft built for the CIA and/or military." He went on: "There appears to be telltale signs of what is ours and what is theirs (ET). Our craft are very angular looking, with external plumbing, seams, and protrusions on the body of the craft. Those of extraterrestrial origin are very smooth and integrated with no seams or rivets showing, and no protrusions. At least that's our hypothesis based on what we are seeing."

The MUFON executive director said that, "Based on the research I have done, and the people I have talked to, including first-hand witnesses," he was quite certain that the U.S. military is now capable of constructing a re-creation of at least one of the captured UFOs.

"It would be one of the highest priorities of the military and intelligence community to get their hands on a flying saucer of extraterrestrial origin," he said. "There are others who have come forward to share their stories, although as one might imagine our intelligence community does its best to attempt to discredit them."

No formal acknowledgment of the existence of an area government-operated facility, military or otherwise, with the designation of "S4" has ever been made. Unless the future holds another surprise CIA admission, it will likely remain just another thread of possible deceit, common enough fodder for the average conspiracy theorist, perpetrated by the U.S. government concerning UFOs and aliens.

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