This Bill Goldberg Golf Video Shows Why You Shouldn’t Mess With WWE Star

Goldberg’s golf skills may not be legendary, but the 50-year-old wrestler is, without question, a brawler.

With only a few days before the highly awaited Royal Rumble 2017 showdown, the PGA Tour has reminded us of why it is wise not to mess with Goldberg. A video posted by the PGA Tour on Twitter shows the bulky wrester throwing a caddy into the water after the latter approaches him and feigns landing punches on his mid-section.

Goldberg left the other players on the golf course shaken after he flung the caddy into the water. One player can be seen bolting away from Goldberg, who follows in pursuit.

Goldberg’s golf playing days appear to have increased after his initial retirement from professional wrestling in 2004. He has participated in several golf competitions. The video posted by the PGA Tour of Goldberg apparently came from the 2002 CareerBuilder Challenge. Goldberg has also played at Andre Reed’s Celebrity Golf Tournament, the Jimmy V Golf Classic, the Victor Green Celebrity Golf Classic, the Tim Brown Celebrity Golf Classic, and the Jim Kelly Celebrity Classic, just to name a few.

For now, Goldberg’s golf skill would have to take a back seat as he has returned to the ring after 12 years away. Goldberg shocked many fans after defeating Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series last year. Despite his age and his prolonged absence from the ring, Goldberg showed the world that he still has some of what made him one of the top-rated wrestlers in the late 90s and early 2000s.


Now, with Survivor Series just around the corner, there is talk that Goldberg would eventually face Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 in a title fight.

“I’d be surprised if Lesnar vs. Goldberg at Wrestlemania isn’t for a major title to add to the personal issue of their rivalry,” WWE commentator Jim Ross wrote in a blog post recently, according to 411 Mania.

Meanwhile, Daily Wrestling News has reported that Goldberg has been booked for the WWE Fastlane event in March this year. At this point, it is unclear who his opponent would be as Lesnar may allegedly not appear at Fastlane. If this is true, it will give credence to reports that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon wants to keep Goldberg around until Wrestlemania 34. Goldberg’s current contract with the WWE is set to expire in April. However, he could land a contract extension that will see him at the WWE until April 2018.

With such a big year ahead, it appears that the Goldberg golf brawl video was released to build excitement. Goldberg is one of the WWE’s biggest stars of the moment. According to FanSided, his return to Monday Night Raw boosted the struggling show by attracting up to three million viewers for each episode. This could explain why the WWE wants to keep him on its roster for a little longer.

Meanwhile, the Bleacher Report notes that Goldberg’s return to the WWE may have been planned to finally topple Lesnar, who had been billed as unstoppable. Given the sour history between both wrestlers, it begs to question what the WWE is planning for Goldberg’s departure.

Bill Goldberg

A few names have been mentioned as Goldberg’s possible opponent including Chris Jericho and Braun Strowman. Kevin Owens could also be part of the scenario. Recently, Owens confessed that as a kid he was not a big fan of Goldberg and thought he was copying Steve Austin’s look, the Sun reported. Owens admitted that the fact that Goldberg was with WCW also contributed to his dislike for him. He, however, described the experience of working with the wrestling legend in the WWE as “very surreal.”

Could the Goldberg golf brawl video be a sign of what is coming for his opponents this year? Let us know what you think below.

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