Bella Hadid Bares Her Relaxed Self In A Steamy Bubble Bath Video

Bella Hadid has taken time out of her busy days as a supermodel to reveal to her fans how she enjoys her downtime by taking a steamy bubble bath video, which she made for W magazine. The Victoria’s Secret model, who graced the catwalk for the first time in 2016, got down to the nitty-gritty of how she relaxes after a hard day on the set, and how she manages to find time for herself. Bella produced the video for W magazine, detailing to her fans how she spends her time doing her favorite things to chill out. The funny video featuring Bella in a steamy bubble bath, surrounded by an entourage of rubber duckies, was released on Wednesday, January 18.

In the video, the Chrome Hearts designer gave an inside look into her downtime routine that included playing Jenga, as well as ordering in her favorite food: pizza. In the video, Bella showed that one of the first things that she likes to do when she gets home is to change her head wear, exchanging her fur topper for a more comfortable beanie, decorated with a fuzzy pom pom on top.

“I usually just like to change hats, sometimes just for fun.”

Hadid has also made a commitment to herself to play a long-term game of Jenga against herself. Every day she removes another large wooden block from the large wooden tower, unfortunately without saying why she is doing this. The bombshell model has also revealed that she really enjoys adult coloring books to help her enjoy her some much needed down time. John Hopkins University believes this to be a very therapeutic practice.

Bella Hadid In A Steamy Bubble Bath

Friends ‘Til The End

The young model, who celebrated turning 20-years-old just last October, has admitted that she has been collecting bath time rubber duckies since she was about 19. She has a name for each and every one of her yellow friends and her collection includes the likes of Reynaldo, the bikini-wearing Paula and “the temperamental one,” who refused to blow bubbles.

“It’s nice to have friends who will always greet you when you get home.”

Bella has shown that it takes more than just good looks to be a model, using her bath time to reflect on the activities of the day and those things that bring her joy. She finds that it usually helps to have a few props in and around the bath tub to help her jog some of her more peaceful memories, hence the pink mask and snorkel and her scented candles. Bella suggests that using a blowtorch is best for lighting her scented candles as the extra flame tends to help release the aromas sooner rather than later.

Bella Hadid In A Steamy Bubble Bath

A More Serious Bella

Earlier this week, Bella, as Dior Makeup brand ambassador, showed what she can be like when she has to take a more serious approach to her life. Dior’s brand ambassador exhibited three day-to-night looks in a new episode of the “Dior Makeup with Bella Hadid” web series which was released on January 15. Throughout the new episode, the model made use of Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion Foundation.

The past year certainly has been a stellar year for Gigi’s little sister, proving to herself and the world that she is one to be watched. From her catwalk appearance on the Victoria’s Secret runway, to becoming a street style star, and even adorning the pages of W in some of the season’s hottest couture, Bella Hadid has demonstrated her versatility while still managing to find some quality time for herself.

The model finds that people nowadays tend to have a lot on their minds, and her advice is to just forget things, or even better, to not even learn them in the first place. As for the Bella Hadid bubble bath video, she sure showed how she gets into relaxation mode, even though she still has to figure out the jets in her bath, she is not worried, she’ll figure it out eventually.

[Featured Image by Thibault Camus/AP Images]