Steve Blake Fined $25,000 For Using Inappropriate Language Against A Fan

Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Blake has been ordered by league officials to pay a $25,000 fine after he directed several inappropriate words towards a fan.

Blake attacked the fan verbally with just 29.2 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter of the Lakers’ 105-95 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday night.

Playing for the injured Steve Nash, Blake shot just 2-of-6 from the field. During his performance a fan screamed to Blake:

“You need to knock down those open shots” at which time Blake directed several choice words at the fan. Blake then made further comments directed towards the same fan after he fouled out of the game.”

After his teams practice on Tuesday, Blake told ESPN:

“It’s an unfortunate misunderstanding and a heat-of-the-moment type of thing. It’s one of those things I’m not proud of, the way I handled it, and I look forward to growing as a person and moving forward from it.”

After Tuesday’s practice Blake met with Lance Jackson, the fan he verbally assaulted. Lance Jackson and his father Steve Jackson are longtime courtside season-ticket holders and they are well known and liked by the Lakers organization. The Jackson’s regularly have players over at their home to practice and entire team practices have been held at their private home court.

Blake added:

“It was an emotional game for me, losing a third game in a row and this and that, but there are no excuses. It was just a spur-of-the-moment bad decision.”

Steve Blake is a 10-year veteran of the NBA, and he has never had any other on-court altercations with his NBA fans.