'Pokemon GO' Servers Go Down For Hours Before Coming Back Up

Millions of people around the world were unable to log in to Pokemon GO for a few hours earlier today after an unknown issue caused the game servers to crash. The issue was confirmed to be a widespread outage that was experienced by players from across the globe, Slashgear reports. The fact that its servers were down was also acknowledged by the developers of the game. They even took to Twitter six hours ago to announce the downtime.

The same status was also posted to their official Facebook page which received thousands of replies from concerned people. Some of the comments made by Pokemon GO players can be read below.

One player, identified as Sean, said,

"So if u don't get it going by the end of the day and we can't log in to get our daily bonus is there going g to be a compensation?"
Another person was not too happy with a lost lucky egg. He wrote,
"This is very bad. It takes a long time for every login and the game always gets frozen (You need to reopen it again and again), especially when I am arranging my Pokemon bag (including evolution,transferringg, name editing). Please take prompt action(s) to fix the issue. A lucky egg was wasted due to this problem :("
Another comment tied the outage to an update that was received yesterday.
"Awesome update received yesterday - can't log on. Oh and let's not forget the stupid thing asking if I'm a robot every 2 minutes. How have you guys managed to completely DESTROY a game that had the entire world addicted within 24hrs of launch I'll never know. Let's not forget that event Pokemon don't seem to hit my city at all."
While most people took to social media just to complain, there were others who were in complete defense of the developers and believed that such downtimes could happen occasionally. One of the comments read,
"Wow! The haters here is incredible. So many complaints, fair enough if your game isn't working but everything else.. if you dont like it dont play it... Pokemon GO is a good FREE game. People are too quick to complain but never express any praise. I for one will continue playing with the glitches and deal with the fact that sometimes these things happen, move on and try later"
At the time, the developers did not reveal the cause of the downtime or the reason behind the crash. What was notable was the fact that some players were able to log on to the system without issues while some others were unable to do so. However, once they were logged in, gameplay and loading times were slow. The server crash did cause some anxiety among players who were initially startled by the downtime. Most of them remembered the initial days of the game when at the height of its popularity, it had become routine for Pokemon GO servers to crash.
A few hours after the server crash, things slowly started limping back to normalcy. A follow-up Twitter post eventually confirmed that Niantic was able to solve the issue. However, the company stopped short of giving an explanation as to what had caused the outage in the first place. This is what the update from the developers read.
Anyway, in case you happen to be a Pokemon GO fan, do let us know if you too were affected by the outage.

[Featured Image by Pixabay]