Dwyane Wade’s Future With The Chicago Bulls Depends On What Happens With Jimmy Butler

Dwyane Wade is monitoring his time with the Chicago Bulls carefully. If Jimmy Butler goes, it is highly likely that Wade will leave the Bulls during the offseason. The Bulls’ two biggest stars appear to be joined at the hip when it comes to the future. And what is abundantly clear is that the Bulls’ direction for the future could be decided with one trade.

Several NBA trade rumors have come out regarding the Chicago Bulls and Jimmy Butler. Each of the trade rumors has the now three-time all-star being swapped for younger players. It has led to Dwyane Wade talking about his own Bulls’ future.

According to ESPN, Dwyane Wade specifically states that his Chicago Bulls’ status beyond the season will hinge on what happens with Jimmy Butler. Wade was candid about how he viewed his playing career beyond the season.

“At the end of the year, you sit back and see what the team is, what direction they’re going in. I would be a liar to say that I want to play on a team with all 21-year-olds. You know what I mean? And be a part of the future building. I would be a fool to say that. But you also want to be in the best position for what you think is for you at that time, too.”

Rebuilding with the Chicago Bulls is not part of what Dwyane Wade signed up for. The future Hall of Fame guard pointed out that the reason he initially joined the was to play with Jimmy Butler.

“… One of the main reasons I’m here is Jimmy. He’s the one who called me and got me to come here. So that’s a big part of my decision and everything else, is what Jimmy’s doing, what his future looks like and all that. And I’ve made it very clear. So I have no idea from that standpoint. You just have to wait and see and then see what works out.”

Simply put, in order to keep Dwyane Wade, the Chicago Bulls must hold onto Jimmy Butler.

Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade

Wade was the second of the Chicago Bulls’ two high-profile signings during the offseason. He followed Rajon Rondo, who has not completely lived up to the expectations the Bulls had in mind. When the Bulls’ trio of Butler, Rondo, and Wade has been on the floor together, the defense struggles, while the offense appears stagnant. Take Rondo out of the trio and the results are different. The on-court chemistry between Butler and Wade is prominent. The two Bulls’ teammates push each other. Unfortunately, not everything is perfect.

With or without Rondo on the court, the Bulls are just a playoff team that might win one round. On the surface, that may seem like a success, given the fact the Bulls missed the postseason altogether last year. However, more should be expected.

A majority of the NBA trade rumors involving the Chicago Bulls have Jimmy Butler getting dealt before the trade deadline. Many believe that he should be given more help instead.

The Bulls have a few trade chips that can be used in a trade to get better, but that does not include Jimmy Butler. If the Bulls want to avoid the embarrassment of having Dwyane Wade for just one season, they will dangle those assets for a young veteran on the rise before the trade deadline.

There are rumors floating around (courtesy of Blog-a-Bull) that the Chicago Bulls have an interest in P.J. Tucker of the Phoenix Suns, but that does not fit the model the Bulls should be seeking. What should be on the table are discussions to acquire a young power forward and small forward, players who can truthfully challenge Nikola Mitotic and Doug McDermott for playing time. That would play into Dwyane Wade’s decision-making process. It would all be pointless if the Bulls trade Jimmy Butler. Instead of looking at ways to deal him, the Bulls must scorch the earth to add around him and an aging Dwyane Wade. Keeping Wade around and happy is better for the Chicago Bulls long-term if they want to be players in the NBA free agency market. Dealing Jimmy Butler goes away from those plans.

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