AJ Styles Robbed During WWE Live Event In Arkansas On Monday

Arkansas State University police are currently on the hunt for someone who robbed WWE star AJ Styles.

While 39-year-old Allen Neil Jones of Gainesville, Georgia – better known as AJ Styles – was performing at the WWE Live Event on Monday night at the Convocation Center in Arkansas, he was robbed.

Who Robbed AJ Styles
Who robbed AJ Styles? [Image by WWE]

As reported first by Region 8 News in Arkansas, AJ Styles reported someone robbed him of a black bag which contained several significant items of personal value including his Xbox 360 setup, which included a small-screen television, Beats headphones, and six Xbox 360 games. According to AJ Styles, he had taken his Xbox 360 setup on the road with him for several years now. Given his addiction with gaming, his Xbox 360 setup served as a source of comfort and entertainment for him as he traveled from one WWE event to the next. The black bag someone robbed AJ Styles of also contained his iPhone, roughly $1,000 in cash, and 7,000 in Japanese Yen (which is roughly $60.86 USD).

The case involving AJ Styles being robbed is currently under investigation as the Arkansas State University police try to figure out who could have stolen the black bag and all of its contents from the WWE star. At this time, the police have denied Region 8 News in Arkansas any additional information regarding the case.

AJ Styles Was Robbed
AJ Styles was robbed [Image by WWE]

It appears as if the case was filed on January 18 at 3:38 p.m. The incident was reported to have taken place at 217 Olympic Drive – which is the address for the Convocation Center where the WWE Live Event had taken place.

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As WWE fans may recall, AJ Styles is a long-time gaming fanatic. In fact, Styles opened up about his extreme interest in gaming during an in-depth interview with ESPN back in October of last year.

During the interview, ESPN asked AJ Styles which video game consoles he had or preferred to play. While AJ certainly had some he preferred more than others, he wasn't shy about admitting the fact that gaming was an addiction for him and he more or less had all of them.

Styles was also asked about his gaming experience while he was on the road. He opened up about his Xbox 360 setup and why he preferred to take that setup – the same setup that someone robbed him of recently – on the road.

"Well I [AJ Styles] actually take my Xbox 360 on the road. I still enjoy playing my 360 because the last game that they made for college football was 2014, so I have it just so I can play that game."
Fans of AJ Styles took to Twitter to express how saddened and angered they were that someone would steal from the WWE wrestler. Some even pointed out the fact that whoever robbed Styles was either very rough or very stupid to rob a WWE wrestler.
There were also a few social media users that couldn't help but point out how old and inexpensive an Xbox 360 was compared to other gaming consoles on the market.
Do you think the Arkansas State University police will be able to figure out who it was that robbed AJ Styles of his black bag and valued possessions while he was performing at the WWE Live Event? Do you think there is any chance of the person who stole the items giving them back? More importantly, do you think the person realized they were robbing AJ Styles when they took the items? Please share your thoughts on AJ Styles getting robbed while he was in the WWE ring with us in the comments section found down below.

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