Selena Gomez Accused Of Photoshop In Now-Deleted Instagram Post

Selena Gomez is catching heat for more than her surprising relationship with The Weeknd, as she seems to have relied on photo editing in a recent post.

Gomez was pictured in a post on makeup artist Hung Vanngo's Instagram, but the controversial photo has since been deleted. Teen Vogue covered the drama as it unfolded, as fans called out the obvious Photoshop mistake. In the photo, Selena is shown wearing a "straight off the runway" Coach sweater while showcasing her new short hairstyle.

"...Hung Vanngo posted the short-haired photo of the singer, looking effortlessly gorgeous, showing off her new 'do."

And while the 24-year-old singer looks great, there was one glaring issue with the photo. Teen Vogue brings attention to viewers questioning the warped wall behind Selena's shoulder.

"This particular selfie has gotten some Photoshop flack, as some have suggested the gray wall behind Selena looks questionably warped."

Seventeen also reported on the controversy, but included a screenshot of said photo. The site states that while Hung always shares amazing photos of the celebs he works with, fans couldn't help but question his latest masterpiece as it involves Gomez.

"Fans couldn't help noticing that the photo, which shows off SelGo's casually gorgeous makeup look by Vanngo, seems to be photoshopped."

Selena Gomez uses photoshop in Instagram post on Hung Vanngo's account
[Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

And there's no denying something is completely amiss in the image as the wall is "clearly" edited.

"In the bottom left corner right above Selena's shoulder, the wall is clearly warped."

That leaves viewers with the question of why? And what was edited? Seventeen is assuming Selena's shoulder was manipulated or perhaps the size of her head was changed, which is pretty weird.

"...seeing the wall warped like this above Sel's shoulder next to her hair is pretty weird. Like, did her shoulder need shrinking? Was the size of her head altered?"

However, the site consulted their own Photoshop expert, who then weighed in on the subject. According to the expert, the wall may have been edited to give Selena's hair more volume.

"To get to the bottom of this, I consulted Seventeen's resident Photoshop expert, Designer Dana Tepper. According to her, it's likely this wall warp was created in an effort to give Selena's hair a little more volume."

While this may seem innocent enough compared to other celebrity's Photoshop attempts, it still sends an unachievable message to women. Believe it or not, women try to imitate everything from celeb's makeup techniques, to their curvy bodies. And yes, even their hairstyles.

Selena Gomez uses photoshop in Instagram post on Hung Vanngo's account
[Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images].

Selena is an idol to millions of young women who may look at her photos for inspiration and wish their hair looked as fabulous as hers. And there's the issue with Photoshop, even when used to just plump her hair. It's selling an unattainable image, and that's why Gomez and Vanngo are being called out on it.

As Seventeen noted, fans still want to see the unedited version of Selena's photo even if the Photoshop is minimal.

"As far as problematic photoshopping fails go, adding a little volume to a celeb's hair is relatively harmless. Still, some fans expressed the desire for Vanngo to share the unaltered version of the photo (like he's done in the past) in the comment section of the post."

Cosmo, on the other hand, is labeling Selena's latest pic as a "huge Photoshop fail" as a warped wall is a key indicator photo editing was used.

"Sel was probably trying to go for a more -- volumised -- look with her new 'do... but c'mon girl. We don't need to be altering out hair now. We have enough problems as it is."

What do you think of Selena Gomez's latest headlines? Was the Photoshop fail as big of a deal as some believe?

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Browny/Getty Images]