New York’s Empire State Building Used To Track Electoral Votes [Photo]

New York’s Empire State Building was used to track electoral votes on Tuesday night as President Barack Obama was re-elected to the White House.

While there was no shortage of TV stations and websites keeping close tabs, New Yorkers who chose to stay outdoors only had to look up at the Empire State Building to follow the 2012 election.

The famous New York building’s electoral vote counting took the form of lighting, with the four sides of the tower illuminated in red, white, and blue.

As Obama and Romney’s electoral vote figures began to roll in, either side of the building’s mast was lit in blue and red, keeping a tally of each candidate’s progress through the evening. The results displayed on the building came directly from a CNN live feed.

With President Obama declared the victor, the building was lit in all blue to reflect the Democrat’s victory.

The tower used a brand new vertical LED-illuminated meter to keep New York informed. And viewers who weren’t in Manhattan didn’t have to miss out; CNN generously broadcast images of the New York building’s electoral vote meter throughout its coverage on Tuesday night.

As CNN explained in this graphic, the tally was easy to follow for those not by a TV or computer:

New York Building Electoral Votes - Empire State Building Tracks Results 1

Predictably enough, the stunt attracted plenty of commentary on Twitter, most of it tongue-in-cheek. Political pundit Andrew Romano got things rolling:

Much of the Twitter feedback seemed to come from Obama supporters:

Are you in Manhattan right now? Did you follow the New York building’s electoral vote count?