President Obama Wins

President Obama wins. The POTUS is being called the projected winner of the US Presidency by various outlets including the right leaning Fox News and ABC News.

The President only one hour ago was projected to have won Wisconsin, a key swing state the Romney campaign hoped to win in order to mathematically still have a chance at the US Presidency.

Moments ago, President Obama was projected to have won Ohio, leading to a mathematical improbability for a Romney win.

Obama led his team to victory thanks to wins in battleground states including Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Celebrations have already begun for President Obama including in New York’s Times Square where thousands of the President’s supporters are partying in the streets.

The victory ends an emotion campaign for President Obama. Speaking to 20,000 supporters in Iowa on Monday night, the President was photographed with tears running down his face as he told supporters “this is where our movement for change began.”

Governor Mitt Romney attempted a last ditch effort to win Ohio, campaigning heavily in the state just ahead of the election. Romney’s last minute Ohio campaign was called a “Hail Mary” effort by the Obama administration.

Following his projected win, President Obama tweeted the following message:

Following that tweet, the President’s Twitter campaign featured a warm embrace between President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama:

President Obama is expected to take 300 electoral votes, possibly more. At this time, the popular vote is still in favor of Governor Mitt Romney.