Video Of Mom Sliding Out Of Son’s Nursery On Her Back After Putting Him To Sleep Goes Viral

Anyone who has raised a child – or is currently raising a child – knows that putting a child to sleep is a lot like going to war. For whatever reason, the last thing most children ever want to do is go to sleep. Even when a child is tired it is not uncommon for the child to scream and cry in protest (largely because they are tired) instead of just giving up and going to sleep.

While most parents will opt for silently tiptoeing out of the room, one mother – caught on video – decided to escape from her son's nursery after putting him to sleep the way only a certified Navy SEAL would, per POP Sugar. The video capturing the mother sliding out of her son's nursery on her back after putting him to sleep has since gone viral, because the internet not only understands the mother's struggle, but they find the video hilarious.

Putting a baby to bed
Putting a baby to bed [Image by takayuki/ShutterStock]

Caryn Morris – the mother captured in the video – finally got her 15-month-old son to go to sleep. She immediately activated what POP Sugar is describing as "beast mode," and slid out of her son's nursey on her back. The entire time, this mother had one thing on her mind: do not wake baby Brody up.

Tyrone Morris – her husband – reminded the internet how much we love baby monitor cameras when he shared the video of his wife sliding across the floor on her back to get out of her baby's room after putting him to sleep. If you haven't seen the video of the mother escaping her son's nursery by sliding out on her back yet, you can watch the video below.

"The best thing about having cameras in your house is watching your wife trying to exit the room after putting your son down!!" Tyrone wrote on in a post on Facebook. "Sometimes you have to use your initiative for your exit!! P.S. The SA Army are calling me for you to do training on the reverse leopard crawl!!"

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The viral video of the mom escaping her son's nursery by sliding out on her back so she didn't wake him was posted five days ago. In that time, the video accumulated 65,000 shares, 110,000 likes, and nearly 40,000 views.

Many of those leaving comments on the video praised the mother for getting creative and noted that they completely understood as they find themselves trying to sneak out of – or past – their child's room without waking them once they get them to sleep.

Social media users on Twitter agreed that all parents have "been there" at one time or another and completely understood this mother's struggle to get her son to sleep and then leave the room without waking him up.

Baby going to sleep
Baby going to sleep [Image by thechatat/ShutterStock]

The real question is – have you ever found yourself tiptoeing down a hall or out of a room after you get your child to sleep so you do not wake him (or her) back up? Is getting your child to go to sleep at night easy or do you feel like you are going to war with your child each night? More importantly, would you ever take this mother's approach and try sliding out on your back so you do not wake the baby?

Please share your thoughts and tips on getting children to go to sleep and making sure you don't wake them back up with us in the comments section which can be found down below.

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