LaCie CloudBox Brings Cloud Storage To Home Networks [Video]

Are you ready for cloud storage at home? LaCie on Tuesday announced the LaCei Cloudbox, a single location storage service for all of your families music, movies, photos, and other important and personal documents.

The network storage solution implements zero configuration UPnP which allows for file sharing based on the LAN for which the Cloudbox is stored and through controlled internet user access.

Hooking up the LaCie CloudBox on Mac or PC devices will show the cloud storage box just like any other connected device.

The LaCie CloudBox also features iTunes and Windows Media Service access, allowing for iTunes music streaming to clients and their connected devices including the Xbox 360.

Also included with the CloudBox is backup software for PC and Mac systems that help store all music, photos, video, and other files from a users laptop, phone, or tablet that implements the home cloud storage solution.

Files saved to the LaCie CloudBox can be accessed from any device that has permission to access the storage unit.

The CloudBox can also acts as a basic web server, Bittorrent, or FTP hub.

The LaCie CloudBox starts at $119.99 with 1TB and then increases in price for 2TB and 3TB systems.

Here is a video introduction for the new home cloud storage system:

Do you see the value in owning your own home-based CloudStorage drive?