Stevie J's Defamation Lawsuit Against Joseline Hernandez Dropped -- 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Star Wants A Truce For The Sake Of Bonnie Bella

The defamation case that Stevie J had filed against Joseline Hernandez has been thrown out by a Georgia judge. Letting the case go seems to be the next step in making peace between the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta co-stars, something Stevie J made clear that he wanted following the birth of their daughter, Bonnie Bella.

Stevie J failed to show up to court on Wednesday causing his defamation lawsuit against Joseline Hernandez to be dropped according to TMZ. While Stevie hasn't officially given word on why he skipped the court date, it has been assumed that he wanted the suit dropped for the sake of mending fences with his former fake wife.

Initially, Stevie and Joseline were tangled up in a pretty ugly feud. After Joseline dropped the shocking news of her pregnancy, she went on the attack, taking every opportunity to tear Stevie apart. It was looking like the final straw when Joseline posted a scathing claim on Twitter that Stevie J molested his daughter, Eva, and that she would never let him see their baby.

Stevie and Joseline have reconciled, changed their mind, and reconciled again since she took to Twitter to make those jaw-dropping claims, among others, like the time when she took a lie detector test to "prove" that Stevie was gay and that he had some pretty kinky preferences when it came to adult movies.

Now that's all in the past, and now Stevie J wants to just forget it all and move on. It seems that the birth of Bonnie Bella changed him and much like the way he gets along with Eva's mom, Mimi Faust, Stevie J would really like to let bygones be bygones and co-parent with Joseline Hernandez. There's still no word if she was ever forced to have a psych evaluation or a drug test, as Stevie also petitioned the court to enforce.

Joseline gave birth to Bonnie Bella on December 28, and Stevie J was the first to announce the good news on social media. While Joseline previously made it clear, even filing court documents to make it official, that she did not want Stevie J in the delivery room, it's safe to say he was at least at the hospital for the big event.

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez haven't been spotted together since the birth of Bonnie Bella, but they've both been posting plenty of baby pictures. So far, all the photos have been a tease, and Bonnie Bella's face has been hidden from the camera. We'll probably see what their newborn looks like when Joseline's delivery special airs on VH1, which should be coming up soon.

Prior to having the defamation case thrown out, Stevie J was confronted by cameras and was asked about Joseline Hernandez, according to The Hollywood Gossip. Rather than take the opportunity to slam the mother of his newest child, Stevie opted to be nice.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star said things along the lines of wanting to "come together" with Joseline and be the "best parents" they could possibly be. It really looks like Stevie wants to get along with the Puerto Rican princess for the sake of their baby. Of course, he also said just a couple of months ago that he wouldn't rule out giving their relationship another shot too. Clearly, that would be a bad idea but at least Stevie J and Joseline are trying to get along and co-parent baby Bonnie Bella rather than continuing the mud-slinging feud that they carried on with for most of 2016.

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