Markeith Loyd Videos: Markeith Tells Judge ‘F*** You,’ Cops ‘Took My Eye,’ Arrest Video Shows Police Stomping Loyd [Graphic]

Markeith Loyd is certainly racking up the video views with the following videos released. Loyd was accused of shooting and killing a Florida police officer. As seen in the below video, Markeith had plenty to say during his first court appearance on Thursday, January 19. As the judge tried to read Loyd’s charges at the Orange County Jail, in Orlando, Loyd talked about the news media not portraying things as he thought they should. Loyd is also accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

Warning: The following videos contain language and violent situations that might be disturbing to some viewers.

Markeith was captured by police after a more than weeklong manhunt. When Markeith showed up in videos that went viral around the web, Loyd ending up cursing at the judge as Markeith was dismissed. Loyd claimed that he was a hardworking man and that cops beat him and took his eye, adding he wasn’t resisting arrest when police found him. Instead, Markeith claimed he crawled out to cops on the ground.

Indeed, the Orlando Police Department released a video that showed Loyd getting kicked and stomped in the face — as the helicopter videographer quickly turns away from the police beating Markeith. The consensus on social media shows that not a lot of people have much sympathy for his pleas since Sade Dixon, Markeith’s ex-girlfriend, was allegedly slaughtered by Loyd on December 13. However, some are noting the disparity between how Loyd’s eye was injured compared to how Dylann Roof was treated to Burger King, according to the New York Daily News, after Roof slaughtered nine people.

When Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton tried to take Markeith into custody at a Walmart in Orlando on January 9, Loyd reportedly killed her as well. Therefore, it stands to reason for some people who are siding with police on social media that Orlando authorities would be angry when they finally found Loyd on Tuesday evening in an abandoned home in the Carver Shores neighborhood. Other people are debating back and forth on social media that authorities had no right to beat and stomp him no matter how heinous his crimes.

As reported by, more than seven minutes into the helicopter video, Markeith crawls on his stomach to a group of police. Loyd is seen on the ground in the midst of a sea of police, with the figures showing up in night vision. The full video of Loyd’s arrest caused controversy, and Police Chief John Mina spoke at a press conference on Thursday to address the melee. Mina claimed that police feared Loyd could have had some kind of device or weapon in Markeith’s body armor, due to the way Loyd crawled and struggled at crawling towards the cops. According to police, Loyd had “a large bag of ammunition” underneath him and had previously gotten rid of two guns, one of which had the capability shooting off 100 rounds via a magazine.

Markeith Loyd
Orlando Police Department undated mugshot shows Markeith Loyd
[Image by Orlando Police Department/AP Images]

Due to Markeith’s violent history and non-compliance of putting his hands behind his back, officers used force against Markeith, Mina said. Loyd had a lot to say in court about someone else having a gun, another person being dropped off, and a lot of other confusing things.

“They done took my eye. They broke my nose they broke my jaw they did all this s*** said I resisted. I didn’t resist s***. They just did that s*** and they’re trying to hide it from the news people. But I’m here right now.”

Markeith Loyd videos

Meanwhile, comments like the below ones are flowing into social media about Markeith’s viral videos.

Tavares Rolle shared WFTV Channel 9‘s video: “When they stomped the man they took the camera off of him smh.”

Robert D Leopold Jr. shared FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay‘s video: “A winning first appearance, anybody convinced he is innocent yet? LMAO.”

[Featured Image by Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel/AP Images]