‘Black Adam’ And ‘Shazam’ Are Now Split Flicks, Dwayne Johnson Stars In Own DC Villain Movie

Black Adam fans can rejoice now that he’ll have his own movie. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was originally planned to play the villain in Shazam, but now word has been leaked that he will have his own solo film. Both Johnson and his producing partner and manager, Dany Garcia, are departing the Shazam project at their company, Seven Bucks Productions. Will their company also be following suit with Black Adam? According to Deadline Hollywood, “the New Line DC property has morphed into two pictures.”

In 2014, Johnson was announced to be playing the antagonist in Shazam. Dwayne was so excited last week about his meeting with New Line that he tweeted about it. Chances are that he found out the news of a solo film then, and now it’s been revealed to the public.

This does make sense as the Fast and Furious star has delved deep into the Black Adam comic lore. He fancied the DC villain and the fact he’s never played such a character is probably what attracted him to the part. He may have been thinking about a role of someone with super powers, or had been on the heroic side at one time, and Johnson appears attracted to being evolved into an anti-hero. In the comics, Black Adam was originally from Kandaq, and was born into slavery initially, and it seems that Johnson finds this fascinating.

“I think Black Adam is going to grow into becoming an anti-hero. It’s all written within the spirit of respecting and paying homage to the comics. As we know, Black Adam started out as a slave. When he’s given the powers, he utilize them. Then in the wake of his powers, tragedy strikes, which turns his sentiment and tone in terms of psychology.”

An interview with Total Film indicated how Johnson had been in talks with the studios regarding what role he would be playing and mentioned that he’d have “the power of Superman, it’s not the Green Lantern.” He did mention that he wanted to play John Stewart, but that went off in a different direction.

Johnson was pretty good about answering the question without giving away much, but he did seem to be pretty excited about giving out even a minor piece of information at the time. He was also able to talk about what he and the studio thought that he could bring to a character, even though fans could probably list a ton of them without being selective.

Considering how detailed he gets into how he thinks he’ll be able to channel Black Adam, there had been instances where he tweeted his fandom for the DC villain/anti-hero character.

As you can see, Dwayne sees the value of being super powered without the need of a cape or perhaps he’s alluding to being a real life human being who also doesn’t wear a cape.

Speaking of which, he did tweet some time ago about having drinks with Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill and had acknowledged in an interview with Total Film, the likelihood of Black Adam going at it with Batman, Superman, or any other DC character.

The spin-off Black Adam film will indeed be interesting should Dwayne Johnson pull it off and it is likely he’ll do a very good job considering his talented work in other action movies. After all, he was voted “Sexiest Man Alive” and with his kind of talent and passion, he could indeed pull it off. How well do you think The Rock will do as the Black Adam?

There is no director or writer for the Black Adam movie yet and Shazam’s movie is slated for April 5, 2019. It’ll be interesting how he’ll face off against Shazam.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]