Melania Trump Misses Big Event, Now Barron MIA: Shades Of Things To Come? [Opinion]

Melania Trump missed the first big black tie event on Tuesday night, and on Thursday, Barron Trump wasn't at the events with his parents, which has some asking if this signals shades of things to come? America is a country that likes their celebrations and when President-elect Donald Trump is sworn on Friday morning, he will have numerous pre-inauguration events under his belt. Usually, the first family attends the majority of these events, but up until Thursday, Melania has stayed back at home in Manhattan.

Barron Trump wasn't at the two big events on Thursday afternoon and evening, which sparked a Twitter storm of concern for the first son. According to Inside Edition, Melania was absent in the days leading up to Trump's inauguration, but she did fly in Thursday and attend the events of the day alongside her husband.

White House historian Kate Anderson Brower understands how America wants their first lady alongside the president. While it was Donald Trump who ran for office, Melania and the rest of the family are part of the overall package in the eyes of many in this nation. But Melania has said from the beginning that Barron is her first concern and she was at home with her son while he attended school this week.

"Melania has put her foot down and said she is not going to move to the White House right now," Brower said, "but I think there will be pressure because that is where the American people will want their first lady to be." Melania stood on the stage with her husband on Thursday as he pointed out people in the crowd and thanked them for their help. Before he did that, he asked Melania if she would like to say a few words. There was no mistaking that she said no, you could hear her loud and clear and she shook her head. But her husband wasn't going to take no for an answer.

Trump waved her up to the mic anyway, leaving her no other option but to say those few words her husband requested. She thanked everyone for their support and said "we will make America great again." At the Lincoln Memorial concert on Thursday night, as Toby Keith wailed and everyone was swaying to his American sound, Ivanka's daughter was seen coming up to her grandfather to ask him something. Trump's children and grandchildren were all there, except for Barron. He was missed by many in the viewing audience if the overwhelming amount of Twitter posts are any indication.
Melania was missed at the Washington, D.C., black tie event on Tuesday night, as Donald Trump was there alone. Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pence and his Pence's wife attended, but no Melania. While Melania's absence was notable, social media sites didn't react like they have today when Barron wasn't seen at Thursday's events. Cameras caught shots of Melania and Donald Trump looking very happy together as they stepped up to see the Lincoln Memorial, as seen in the tweet below.
Donald Trump's entire family, his wife, Melania, all his children, and his grandchildren, were at the Arlington cemetery wreath-laying ceremony, all except for Barron. The Lincoln Memorial concert was held later on in the day on Thursday. This event was attended by thousands and thousands of people, including Donald Trump's entire family, all except for Barron.

Twitter has been bombarded with "Where is Barron Trump? tweets. Many are concerned about Barron's absence, asking if the child is well. Then the conspiracy theories started to bubble up. "Where is Barron Trump?" followed by "What is Trump hiding?" was seen several times on the Twitter feeds today.

The majority of the tweets were posted out of concern, as it was odd that Barron wasn't there with the rest of the family, especially when Trump's grandchildren were there.
Trump gave a short speech after the concert was over, it was very short for Donald Trump, but he seemed awestruck by the magnitude of the event. People waited as he thanked his family, especially his "beautiful wife" for her support. Many wondered if Trump might offer up Barron's whereabouts, as he stood with the rest of the family not far away from the podium.

People waited to hear that maybe Barron had a cold and the chilly night might not have been the best atmosphere for him. The concert was held outside and while people seemed to enjoy the event, you could see how they were all bundled up. Nothing was offered, bringing the tweets out in full force.

With Melania's absence from some of the earlier events this week, and Barron not showing up for Thursday's events, all eyes will be on the family tomorrow as Donald Trump is sworn in. Will Barron Trump attend that historic event for his father?

Now that it is official that Melania and Barron will stay in Manhattan, coupled with the fact that they missed some of the events this week, people are wondering if this will be a pattern? Unlike many politicians' spouses, Melania did not marry a politician, she married a businessman. Trump's new position will change life as both Melania and Barron know it, because Trump is about to become the 45th president of the nation.

Melania and Barron didn't run for office, so maybe the American people can expect to have Melania and Barron be part of events at the White House when their life in Manhattan allows them time. Just maybe they won't behave as traditional first families have behaved in the past.

Melania said from the get-go that her son will always come first and that is why she is continuing to hang her hat in Manhattan while her husband's hat will hang in Washington. Melania never tried to hide the fact that she's not going to be a full-time first lady while living in New York while Barron finishes school, she will fly into Washington as needed. This is basically what she conveyed over the last few months. Maybe Melania and Barron being absent at events this week might be shades of things to come?

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