Floyd Mayweather Attacks Conor McGregor’s Net Worth: It Doesn’t Go Well

Conor McGregor’s net worth has started trending after boxing rival Floyd Mayweather, Jr., took a shot at his earning power.

Mayweather has always considered himself a businessman, and it is hard to argue with that when looking at his own net worth as well as his all-time payday ($220-230 million for a fight with Manny Pacquiao).

Love Floyd or hate him, he is at 49-0, the best defensive fighter in boxing history, but that hasn’t resulted in many exciting fights. Such was the case against Pacquiao, who faced Mayweather post-prime following a devastating knockout loss against Juan Manuel Marquez a few fights prior.

People who would love to see “Money” get his comeuppance are hoping for a MMA fight between him and the UFC two-division champion. Until that happens, Conor McGregor’s net worth will continue to be a target for the retired boxer.

But Floyd took a lot of heat today on Twitter and in the media — hat tip Fox Sports — for botching the actual Conor McGregor net worth by grossly underestimating it.

In a tweet, Mayweather mocked Conor McGregor’s net worth, implying the Irishman was only worth $2.5 million. But according to Forbes, Conor made $22 million last year alone. His overall net worth is estimated at around $35 million — still a long way to go to catch Mayweather’s $650 million, but it was no small oversight.

Both fighters have more money than they should ever need, so fans see it as a largely weak attack point in trying to build hype for a potential super-fight.

Still, it may be enough. Conor McGregor has implied a high net worth since emerging as one of MMA’s most bankable stars.

He frequently flaunts his wealth on social media similarly to Mayweather. By attacking his earning power — even with heavily flawed numbers — Floyd may be able to push the martial artist over the edge.

What will help Money’s strategy is the fact that, right or wrong on numbers, he does have the high ground when it comes to earnings.

Conor has never seen a single payday close to the Pacquiao fight, and Floyd had retired long before rumblings of a cross-sport showdown began.

In other words, the precedent is there that he doesn’t need the fight. He has the ability to take shots at the Conor McGregor net worth or any other aspect of Conor’s game without needing to comply to the pressure of “putting up and shutting up.”

That is because Mayweather has faced the best of the best in his own sport. He has never been beaten in a professional fight. He cannot be criticized for running from a challenge, and he has earned so much more than McGregor that he can logically demand a higher payday.

This applies pressure to Conor McGregor to set the net worth dispute aside and rise to meeting a boxing legend on terms that may be outside of his comfort zone.

Until that happens, the two will have to continue volleying insults back and forth, and right now the Conor McGregor net worth is the easiest target, especially as contract negotiations continue to be the biggest hurdle that might keep the fight from happening.

McGregor will have to think about the trade-offs of taking the low ground financially for a potential super-fight. With his last fight a historic triumph for MMA — he became the sport’s only two-division champion — his next move will potentially be the most lucrative in his career.

He cannot afford to waste an opportunity by taking less than his net worth for a fight against Mayweather as it will likely be the highest-grossing fight of his career.

But what do you think, readers?

Is the Conor McGregor net worth line of attack a winning one for Floyd? Does it make you want to see the fight more? Sound off in the comments section.

[Featured Image by UFC]