'The Legend Of The Blue Sea' Episode 19 Review, Episode 20 Preview: K-Drama Heading For Melancholic Conclusion As Conflicts Get Resolved

The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19 just aired, and it was able to wrap up most of the conflicts of its plot. While Episode 18 ended in a cliffhanger, the following episode managed to address most of the story's loose ends, eventually culminating in a satisfyingly romantic scene between the Korean drama's two main leads. Despite the relatively positive conclusion, however, the tone of TLOTBS Episode 19's final scenes appears to suggest that the K-drama would end on a melancholic note next week.

With one more episode to go, The Legend of the Blue Sea wasted no time exploring and addressing the events that were built up in Episode 18. K-drama-themed website Drama Beans noted that TLOTBS Episode 18 was one of the series' strongest episodes, with ample twists, turns, and heartbreaking moments to keep viewers invested in the plight of its main leads. Lee Min Ho, who plays male lead Joon-Jae, was fully in his element, showing off his acting prowess in several key scenes of the episode.

The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 18 ended on a cliffhanger, with female lead and mermaid Chung taking a bullet for Joon-Jae. Despite her nigh-invulnerability to injury due to her attributes as a mermaid, however, Episode 19 managed to portray the aftermath of her injury in such a manner that the scenes remained emotionally jarring. Numerous fans have noted that while it was evident that the character was most likely in no grave danger, the K-drama was nonetheless able to provide enough tension for the viewers to be engaged in what was unfolding onscreen.

The main leads of 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' have been lauded by K-drama fans for their chemistry and acting prowess.
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The rest of The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19 explored another loose end that was left behind in the previous episode. Episode 18 fully explored the sinister plot of the evil stepmother and her son, Chi-Hyun, and while their fates might have been sealed after being arrested, the fact that neither of the villainous characters was broken at the end of the episode was something that kept K-drama fans at the edge of their seats. In TLOTBS Episode 19, however, the fallout from the failure of the stepmother and her son's plan was played out in all its tragic glory.

One memorable aspect of The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19 was that the acting ability of Lee Ji-Hoon, who plays Chi-Hyun, was demonstrated in all its glory. Wracked by guilt and regret after shooting the innocent Chung, the tormented young man eventually decided to do something that could not be undone. His scenes were interspersed perfectly with moments of his notorious mother, whose snide facade finally broke upon hearing of her son's fate. Though the mother-and-child duo was the cause of numerous characters' grief over the course of the K-drama, it was difficult not to feel sympathetic to the stepmother and her son in the end.

With The Legend of the Blue Sea's main villains fully neutralized, the rest of TLOTBS Episode 19 was more lighthearted and pleasant. The banter between the two main leads, as well as their interactions with fan favorite Nam-Doo, was particularly enjoyable to watch. The episode eventually concluded with a number of sweet moments between the two main characters, culminating in arguably the series' most passionate kiss.

Numerous emotionally jarring scenes were featured in 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' Episode 18 and 19.
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Despite the satisfying ending, however, the final moments of The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19 were tinged with a significant dose of melancholy. This, of course, has encouraged numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit to speculate that the Legend of the Blue Sea would be concluding in a slightly tragic note.

K-dramas are no strangers to ending their run with heart-wrenching scenes. The South Korean literary concept of Han, which denotes a sense of helplessness, lament, and a certain degree of melancholy, is prevalent in most K-dramas. With this in mind, numerous fans are speculating that despite most of the drama's conflict being resolved, The Legend of the Blue Sea would end in a fairly tragic note nonetheless.

The preview for The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 20, which briefly showed in the final few seconds of Episode 19, simply teased scenes between the K-drama's main characters. Considering that the next week's episode is the final installment of what has been an excellent K-drama, fans of the series are speculating that Episode 20 would contain a few more twists and challenges for the two main characters. After all, after a pretty satisfying climax, The Legend of the Blue Sea needs a worthy, equally compelling denouement.

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