Barron Trump Not Getting Goldendoodle Puppy After All: Philanthropist Withdraws Offer Of A Dog To Trump's White House

Barron Trump won't get a Goldendoodle puppy after all. It looks like he'll have to wait a little longer before getting the family's "first dog" in the White House.

Back in November it was reported that Donald Trump was approached about taking a Goldendoodle puppy as Barron Trump's "first dog" in the White House. He knew Barron would love the pup and it was a possibility they'd adopt the pooch -- a half Golden Retriever and half Poodle breed of dog. He was even named "Patton" after one of Trump's favorite military heroes.

As the New York Post reported, Lois Pope, a philanthropist and longtime friend of Donald Trump's, rescinded her offer to give the family its "first dog." Pope has bonded with the dog over the course of last few months and can't bring herself to part with him.

"I walked over to him, through the Secret Service, and I told him, 'Donald, I'm sorry. You can't have Patton."
Ironically, Barron Trump's father was reconsidering the offer as well. Pope explains that the President-elect cited his busy life over agreeing not to take the dog.
"Donald said, 'But, Lois, I can't take the dog.' He said, 'Look at what I do. I'm here, I'm in New York, I'm in Washington. What am I going to do with the dog?' And I said, 'Well, you can't have him!'"
Pope said she and Donald Trump "went back and forth" about the subject until it was ultimately decided that no Goldendoodle was going to be in the White House for now. Pope notes that when she was potty training the dog, he messed in the house a little bit and that's not something she figured they'd like at Trump Tower.

If the Trump family opts not to have a dog at the White House, it would be the first time since 1901 that a sitting president and his family doesn't have a pet. Trump officials haven't returned messages for comment over the family getting a dog.

Lois Pope thought Patton would've made a fine addition as the Trump's "first dog" because he had a "great disposition" and it was thought Barron would really like the puppy. When he saw photos of the dog during Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago, Pope said "this big smile came over his face, and it just brought tears to his eyes."

At the time, Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks noted in an email that "no decisions have been made" about the possible first dog. However, she felt confident that the Trumps were going to give the Goldendoodle puppy his new home.

"He's a great dog. He's intelligent. He doesn't forget things. You tell him 'no' once, and he stays put," Pope said of the dog, which now weighs 30 pounds. "Even ladies like him because he doesn't jump all over them."While Barron Trump isn't able to take Patton, he'll have his chance to get another dog because Pope is still keeping his family in mind for another puppy.
"I said, 'When you're ready for a first dog, I would scour the nation for the perfect dog.'"
Donald Trump isn't particularly known as an animal person and has been far too involved with business all of his life to have time for them. A staff would certainly fill in where Trump couldn't when it comes to taking care of a dog, but animals love to be around their owners.

As for Barron Trump's experience with animals, not much is known about that. Most little boys love dogs and should his parents decide to get him one at the White House, he'll surely be one happy guy.

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