Meek Mill Fall: Amber Rose And The Internet Reacts After Mill Slips On Ice And Falls Down Stairs

A video featuring Meek Mill slipping on ice and taking a nasty fall down stairs at his mother's house is currently trending on the internet.

Hollywood Life describes the video as "cringeworthy" and says what everyone who has seen the video is thinking – ouch.

It was Meek Mill himself who first posted the video of himself on Instagram slipping on the ice and taking a fall down the stairs. In the video, Meek can be seen making it down three steps before slipping on the fourth step from the top and taking a fall into a snow covered bush. After Meek falls into the snow-covered bush, a bunch of the snow can be seen falling off the bush and landing on top of him.

Meek Mill survives icy fall
Meek Mill survives icy fall [Image by Lisa Lake/Getty Images]

At the end of the video, Meek Mill stands up and appears to be alright. He captioned the video of his nasty fall that he shared on Instagram with, "leaving out my mom house was tragic for me! Icey *** steps!!! U fall get right back upppp! I ran I thought a ghost pushed me! I might sue yeezy! SINCE YALL WANNA SEE ME FALL SO BAD!!!!"

The video of the fall at Meek Mill shared on Instagram because "people always want to see him fall" has been viewed nearly two and a half million times and has a little over 50,000 comments.

In addition to finding the Meek Mill fall video hilarious, it appears as if some just hoped one day someone would fall for them the way Mill fell down the icy stairs.
There were even some users who agreed the video of Meek Mill taking a fall down icy stairs shouldn't be as funny as everyone seemed to think it was.
One social media user even commented on the fact that after Meek Mill took the fall, he appeared to spring back up and take off as if he thought someone had pushed him down the stairs. Did it really feel like a ghost pushed him as he claimed in the caption on the original video?
Meek Mill decided not to let his embarrassing fall down the stairs get him down. Instead, he used it as an inspirational moment by including that you should get right back up after you fall in the caption of his video.

Mill posted a second video of himself after the fall. In the video below, he can be seen going back up the stairs and into his mother's house – still covered in snow.

Random social medial users on the internet were not the only ones who reacted to the Meek Mill fall video. Amber Rose took to Instagram with a pretty inspirational message containing her response to the video.Amber Rose – like many of the random social medial users who responded to the Meek Mill fall video – claims she just wants someone to fall in love with her the same way the rapper fell down the stairs. Amber Rose's reaction on Instagram has been liked almost 200,000 times and received nearly 4,000 comments.

Amber Rose
Amber Rose reacts to video. [Image by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]

What can we take away from the nasty fall Meek Mill took down the icy stairs at his mother's house? Well – for starters – you need to be more careful when going up and down the stairs during the winter months.

What do you think of the fall Meek Mill took down the icy steps at his mom's house? Did you find the video to be as hilarious as a large portion of the internet did? Do you want someone to fall for you the way he fell down those stairs too? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section found down below.

[Featured Image by Lisa Lake/Getty Images]