GirlBoss Inauguration: Sophia Amorouso Heads Women's Inauguration Rally In L.A.

Though Donald Trump's inauguration is on the way, Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amorouso is set to host an inauguration for women.

The GirlBoss Rally will happen on Mar. 4 as the "inaugural GirlBoss rally" that "will take Los Angeles by Storm."

The GirlBoss Rally will reportedly have about 500 women who will share their wins, losses and life hacks.

Since the 2016 election, Amorouso has been a proud advocate of Hillary Clinton. Last year, during the debacle between Trump and Hillary, the Republican called Clinton a "nasty woman," indirectly associating the candidate to Amorouso's brand.

According to Kelly McEvers, NPR host, Amorouso is "something of an authority on nasty."

"Her clothing company has called Nasty Gal. She's written a memoir with advice for women entrepreneurs. She says she wasn't surprised Trump's insult backfired," said McEvers.

For the 32-year-old business woman, it was not an insult. In fact, she welcomed it with open arms as she extended the "Nasty Woman" connotation to her brand. Amorouso's advocacy for Hillary Clinton has earned a lot of praise both from her peers and the Nasty Gal customers. Nasty Gal had a surge of orders for the "Nasty Woman" memorabilia (tees, tote bags, etc.) with Hillary Clinton's face in it.

Women Join the GirlBoss Rally (iStock)
Women Join the GirlBoss Rally (iStock)

"Little did he know that the word nasty is one that - I don't know - women have been having a lot of fun with for a long time, from the time that Bette Davis wrote the album 'Nasty Gal' and said she was a nasty gal. Like any word, it really only belongs to the person who uses it until someone steals it back and uses it in a different way," responded Amorouso.

The GirlBoss Inauguration Rally is an extension of Amorouso's cause to alleviate women's voices. They will talk about "marketing and brand building to getting paid and quitting jobs, health & wellness, sexuality and more."

The GirlBoss Inauguration Rally will also be packed with talented speakers including Amorouso herself, Elain Welteroth, Whitney Cummings, Amanda Chantal Bacon, Kelly Oxford, Alyssa Mastromonaco, Amel Monsur, Gabby Bernstein, Michelle Lam, Tyler Haney and more.

The event will happen at the Hudson Loft, a massive 14,000 square foot events space. Attendees can stay at the Ace Hotel, Broadway for a discounted price.

According to the site, the GirlBoss Rally will have VIP tickets which allows attendees additional cocktail hour, access to special lounges, valet and more.

For more information on tickets, you can visit the GirlBoss Rally Site.

GirlBoss Inauguration Rally (iStock)
GirlBoss Inauguration Rally (iStock)

Amorouso Moves Forward After Nasty Gal's Demise

Though Amorouso actively pushes for women empowerment, her company, Nasty Gal, filed for bankruptcy last year. Speaking in front of 1,000 women, Amorouso tearfully admitted the news saying it was the "responsible decision" to make.

Amorouso founded the company back in 2006, when she was just 22 years old. Now, at 32, Amorouso is moving forward.

"I flailed a lot before I started this business at 22. It was my first business and I got really far.

Amorouso is also an author of 2 best-selling books, including her newest release, "Nasty Galaxy."

"Nasty Galaxy" is one of the most top rated books on Amazon. It showcases Amorouso's ingenious when it comes to fashion and design. It's a "lushy illustrated embodiment of the collective spirit of the Nasty Gal brand."

But, just like her "#GIRLBOSS" book, the "Nasty Galaxy" also includes a lot of life lessons Amorouso has to offer. She also discusses philosophy, music and art in the book. For Amorouso, Nasty Gal has been an amazing ride, but this will not be the end of her story.

As for her GirlBoss Rally Inaguration, there is nothing but excitement and fun.