Jane Bashara: Husband Known As 'Master Bob' Kept Secret Sex Dungeon Before Hiring Handyman To Kill Wife On Oxygen's 'It Takes A Killer'

Just when you think you've heard it all, another tale of murder, betrayal, and obsession is told on a weekly crime documentary. This time, the case of "Master Bob," aka Bob Bashara, and the handyman that he hired to kill his marketing executive wife, Jane Bashara, five years ago will be re-enacted on Oxygen's It Takes a Killer. The episode covering the Grosse Pointe Park case is titled appropriately "Master Bob." On this week's It Takes a Killer, be ready to hear riveting details in this seedy murder case from detectives who have first-hand knowledge of the story.

The sad turn of events occurred in January of 2012. That's when authorities say that a prominent female marketing executive named Jane Bashara vanished into thin air. It was her husband, Bob, who reported her missing.

According to detectives, she was last seen by her co-workers who say that she attended a meeting and was headed home. Police questioned Bob Bashara, a real-estate businessman, who claimed that he grew concerned when he couldn't find her.

The body of Jane Bashara was found the next day in an alley on Detroit's East side. When investigators arrived, they found Jane in the backseat of her Mercedes Benz SUV. An autopsy report later concluded that the 56-year-old victim, who was asphyxiated, died a slow and agonizing death resulting from a broken trachea, which left her struggling to breathe. The report also revealed that the wife and mother had been badly beaten, according to the Macomb Daily.

Wayne County detectives had many questions that needed to be answered. For one, they wanted to know what she was doing in that location, which was miles away from her home. They later believed that this was a secondary location and that Jane Bashara had most likely been killed in her home, making Bob Bashara a prime suspect.

Of course, he denied it all. Luckily, Bob Bashara's handyman, 48-year-old Joseph "Joe" Gentz, confessed to killing Jane. According to Gentz, instead of hiring him to do mundane tasks, Bob Bashara wanted him to off his wife so that he could create the life that he wanted with his mistress.


There was something else. Bob Bashara had a secret. He had a taste for the BDSM world (bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism). MLive stated that Bashara kept a sex-dungeon outfitted with whips and chains at a separate location.

"Bashara kept a secret from his wife and two children which may have played a role in Jane Bashara's demise. He kept a 'sex dungeon,' complete with hooks, whips and harnesses, in a dingy room beneath the Hard Luck Lounge in Grosse Pointe. His secret was revealed to the public when media began digging after Jane Bashara was strangled. The murder happened on a winter night when Bob Bashara called Gentz to come help moves some boxes from the garage to the basement at his Grosse Point Park home. Gentz said he and Bashara were in the garage when Jane Bashara came out. She was 'irate' about the clutter, telling Bob Bashara to take his 'damn' golf clubs to Lockmoor Country Club."
Police say that Joe Gentz, a mentally-impaired man, changed his story several times. The latest story is that Bob Bashara had nothing to do with the murder. Instead, he stated that he strangled Jane Bashara on his own, according to Detroit-CBS Local.

"I held her with one hand, picked an object and hit her on the head. She lost consciousness. I thought she was faking so I placed both of my hands around her neck and squeezed her neck until she no longer moved."

Joe Gentz's mother stated in an interview with Detroit-CBS Local that she doesn't believe for one minute that her son acted alone. She also stated that she was shocked and surprised that her son could do what he did since he was not raised that way.

About Jane Bashara

  • People who knew Jane say that she was a wonderful and an intelligent person who held a couple of degrees.
  • Several hundred people attended Jane Bashara's funeral.
  • She was originally from Mt. Clemens, Michigan, according to her obituary.
  • Jane's mother, who was stunned by her daughter's death, had no idea who would want to kill such a beautiful person.
  • The book Murder in Grosse Pointe Park by Steve Miller is based on the case.
To see how the story ends, tune into It Takes a Killer this Friday, January 20 at 11/10 p.m. on the Oxygen channel. In a previous episode of It Takes a Killer, the case of Loretta Burroughs was featured.
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