Gwen Stefani Slammed For ‘Clown Vibes’ Style At People’s Choice Awards As Blake Shelton Flaunts Love

Every year, there are winners and losers at the People’s Choice Awards. And while Blake Shelton was a definite winner, getting both his girl (Gwen Stefani) and two awards, Gwen wasn’t quite so fortunate when it came to the responses to her outfit of gaudy ruffles, fishnet, and a bra top. However, both Shelton and Stefani are ignoring the haters and making it clear that when it comes to flaunting their love for each other, there’s no shame in being gushing sweethearts.

After Blake took home two People’s Choice Awards, Gwen shared a Snapchat of her country crooner boyfriend in a limo, reported Us Weekly.

Stefani, 47, teasingly asked the music superstar, 40, if he had just won.

“Won Album of the Year, and I won Favorite Male Country Artist,” Shelton replied proudly.

After eliciting a “wow” from Gwen, Blake had to ask the question.

“Am I your favorite?” questioned Shelton.

Blake Shelton won the Favorite Album award for 'If I'm Honest' and Favorite Male Country Artist award, and he won Gwen Stefani's heart too.

The cute exchanges weren’t just limited to the ride home, however. During the award show, Blake made history as the first country artist to win in the best album category. The honor was for his 2016 record If I’m Honest, which includes a duet with Stefani, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.”

In earning the best album award, Shelton trumped famous nominees including Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Drake, and Beyoncé. He gave thanks to along list of individuals, and he didn’t forget his sweetheart as he thanked “the hottest date here tonight, Gwen Stefani” to the sound of cheers from the audience.

During the People’s Choice Awards, Blake performed his hot new single, “Every Time I Hear That Song,” which croons about nostalgia over a familiar tune. Some fans think that the song is linked to his divorce from Miranda Lambert.

“Every time I hear that song / I’m standing in the pouring rain / On your front lawn and ooh ooh ooh / I still think about you.”

While Blake was earning applause for his song and awards at the People’s Choice, it’s Gwen who was getting some backlash for her choice of fashion. Blogger Perez Hilton felt that Stefani was giving off “clown vibes in this weirdo blue Reem Acra number.”

Not everyone was a fan of Gwen Stefani's ruffled style choice for the People's Choice Awards.

Contending that Gwen’s outfit had “way too many ruffles,” Perez described her bra top as “awkward,” with her skirt “drowning in floral appliqués.” As for Stefani’s fishnets? He’s not a fan, calling them a “totally extra, unnecessary touch.” However, Hilton did give Gwen kudos for looking “good next to boo Blake Shelton.”

While everyone may not be a fan of Gwen’s style, she made it clear on Twitter that she’s a fan of Blake. Shelton had tweeted about a major milestone for one of his singles, and Stefani promptly followed up by turning to Twitter to boast about her boyfriend, reported ET.

“Wow!!! ‘Guy With A Girl’ is #1 at radio!!! Thank y’all!!!! Thank you country radio!! And thank you Warner Nashville!!!” tweeted Blake.

Gwen retweeted his post and then added her own touch.

“How r u real?! #uramazing #luckytoknowu #everyonelovesBS #guywithagirl ##1 Gx.”

Shelton and Stefani recently spent time together during the holidays. They even had a dance party that included her sons Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo.

Blake Shelton has plans (sort of) for Valentine's Day with Gwen Stefani.

The biggest day of the year when it comes to showing love is coming up, so does Blake Shelton have anything special planned for Gwen Stefani for Valentine’s Day? Shelton offered a hint about his Valentine’s Day plans, reported ET.

“I think she knows it’s going to be Valentine’s Day, so I can’t really surprise her with that,” teased the country superstar. “No, I’m kidding. I don’t know.”

Blake admitted that he’s the type of guy who always makes “last minute” plans, resorting to getting “some flowers or something.” But although he described himself as “not good at planning surprises when it comes to Valentine’s Day,” Shelton promised that he would “definitely celebrate” with Stefani.

“I mean, I won’t forget totally,” he added. “I’ll just forget until the last minute.”

[Featured Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for People’s Choice Awards]