Baby Dies After Man Brutally Beat Girlfriend Pregnant With Their Twins, Claims He’s ‘A Victim’

James “Jay Junior” Brown and his girlfriend Ziarye Freeman, 19, had been dating for two months and then they were met with quite a surprise. Freeman became pregnant with their child. As the pregnancy progressed, it was discovered that she was carrying twin girls. Needless to say, the unexpected pregnancy began to put a strain on the new relationship. and before long, their verbal arguments escalated to physical alterations.

In fact, one of the altercations that occurred during the pregnancy led to the untimely death of one of their twin daughters. Brown reportedly punched his girlfriend in the stomach, according to Mirror Online. Freeman didn’t realize the magnitude of his brutal attack until she had her doctor’s appointment at 20 weeks. That’s when doctors made the daunting discovery – she was facing labor in August but wasn’t due until December. She was immediately rushed to West Penn Hospital where she was admitted.

“I had a regular doctor’s appointment at 20 weeks and they discovered I was 3cm dilated. They had me rush over to West Penn Hospital, where they had planned to keep me until I gave birth,” she said. “That was in August and I was due in December.”

After two weeks in the hospital, the unthinkable happened. “About two weeks passed and I stayed in the hospital, but all of a sudden one day, at around 7pm, I felt these sharp pains. I didn’t expect to be in labor, so I just tried to ignore it until, about 15 minutes into ignoring them, they became unbearable. I screamed for the nurses who rushed me down to the operation room. I was so hysterical and trying to fight everyone who touched me, so they put me to sleep.”

The agonizing pain was the prelude to a very early Cesarean section.

Freeman gave birth to Za’Riya, who weighed just 1lb, 4oz, and Ja’Kiya, who was 1lb, 3oz, on August 14, 2016. But, unfortunately, tragedy followed shortly after their daughters were born. Za’Riya was quickly transported to a children’s hospital after doctors discovered a hole in her intestines. The fragile newborn later passed away. As she took her last breaths, a distraught Freeman reportedly cradled the tiny infant goodbye. Their second daughter Ja’Kiya, now six-months-old weighing seven pounds, continues to fight for her life at a Pennsylvania hospital.

But, despite everything that’s happened, the twins’ father is defending his actions. During an interview with Mirror Online, he recalled the altercation that led to Freeman’s labor. He claimed they both took part in the fight and admitted he was wrong, but also insists he felt like a victim.

“Punching her stomach was never intentional. We would get into a fight and I would just swing… I admit I was wrong for doing anything to her. I was better off leaving her alone.” He added, “Sometimes when we fought I was a victim.

He also spoke of his daughter’s future considering his now-strained relationship with her mother. “Now my daughter has to grow up in a broken home because her mom may never forgive me. I love my daughter but I wish I could take it all back. What was I thinking. She is a true blessing out of this mess, but I’ll never again get a girl I barely know pregnant.”

It is unclear whether Brown will be charged with the death of his daughter. As of now, the incident has been considered an accident and no further information about the altercation has been reported. Ziarye Freeman has revealed her daughter will need care around the clock once she’s allowed to go home. The dedicated mother has revealed she will most likely have to quit her job as a waitress to care for her daughter. A GoFundMe account has been created to help cover Ja’Kiya’s medical expenses.

[Featured Image by Ziarye Freeman/Facebook]