‘Sandy Wexler’ Is Adam Sandler’s Latest Netflix Movie, And Does Little Different In The Trailer [Video]

A teaser trailer for Sandy Wexler, Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix movie is sending the comedian back to 1994. For fans of Sandler, this is a good thing, since he’s doing a lot of the same things he’s been known for since his peak in Billy Madison.

Sandy Wexler is a movie about an oddball talent manager attempting to take his eccentric clients and push them into show business. His biggest problem is that he’s falling in love with his latest client.

Once again, Adam Sandler is central to an ensemble cast including many of his regular co-stars like Kevin James (Pixels), Terry Crews (The Ridiculous 6), Nick Swardson (The Do-Over), and Rob Schneider (basically all of Sandler’s movies). He is also bringing in Arsenio Hall, who may or may not be as popular as Jane Seymour (Wedding Crashers), as Sandler often loves to use celebrity cameos who end up in surprising roles. In the past, these have included Ozzy Osbourne, Woody Harrelson, and Steve Buscemi.

Woody Harrelson is one of many actors with cameos in Adam Sandler movies.

It can be said that Adam Sandler is the Michael Bay of comedy, often using crude humor and offensive stereotypes every time. This might not go over so well with co-stars Arsenio Hall, Terry Crews, and Sandy Wexler love interest Jennifer Hudson. Arsenio especially has been known for his temper, as anyone who has seen the final episode of The Arsenio Hall Show can attest. He had thrown a tantrum over the fact that his original show was canceled, even raising his middle finger to the camera to show his disapproval.

Sandler’s character in the upcoming Netflix-exclusive film might remind you of previous roles, as he channels former characters Billy Madison and Bobby Boucher with his voice. It’s the almost toddler-like tone with a “New York” attitude this time.

One other thing Sandler is famous for is his use of memorable licensed music, which often permeates almost every transitional scene. He sets the tone for a film set in the 90s by using rap music from the era before gangsta rap and “crunk” took over, on a squarish audio cassette player they called a “boom box.”

Coming Soon says the film was directed by Steven Brill, the same man who did The Do-Over, which was one of Sandler’s better movies, so it might not fall into the same vat as Mr. Deeds, Little Nicky, and Jack and Jill. It’s tough to tell from the teaser trailer, as we barely see more than one scene.

In the scene, Adam Sandler pulls something similar to the “Bill Clinton inappropriate timing” meme, walking into a set while it’s filming. He’s clapping his hands and laughing, asking who the actor is as everybody’s attention turns to him. A member of the crew tells him they’re rolling, but Sandler persists, eventually getting escorted off the set by security, and he tells them he’s in the business.

This, a photo shoot with Jennifer Hudson, an outdoor pool, a choreographed dance, and a panning shot of a Tower Records awning, are about all there is to the teaser.

Adam Sandler is very well-known for making critically derided films, which is possibly the reason why his last two films went straight to Netflix and not theaters. It’s likely the same reason why Ricky Gervais’ Special Correspondents took the same route, as it proved that after The Office, Ricky’s directing skills weren’t always the greatest.

'Special Correspondents' is another direct-to-Netflix movie.

The teaser trailer for Sandy Wexler only seems to prove that Adam Sandler can’t stop doing the things which film critics, and many fans, have come to hate.

If you loved Billy Madison and The Waterboy, Sandy Wexler may be a return to form for the former Saturday Night Live alumni. If you’ve come to avoid Sandler for his crude humor and annoying characters, this film might not change your mind.

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