Donald Trump Ready To 'Purge' The Nation? Incoming President Floats Horror Movie Slogan For 2020 Run [Opinion]

Has Donald Trump seen The Purge: Election Year?

Whether he remembers the 2016 horror film, it appears that incoming President Trump may be banking on a "purge" of the nation come 2020. In a recent profile on the president-elect, the Washington Post published an eye-opening exchange between Donald and one of his lawyers. The topic at hand? Donald Trump wants the slogan for his 2020 re-election campaign to be "Keep America Great!" That makes sense, right?

After all, he won (ahem) the presidency on his contemporary slogan, "Make America Great Again," so the idea to "Keep America Great" may seem to Donald a logical extension of that sentiment. However, "Keep America Great" was also the tagline of last year's The Purge: Election Year, a horror movie which imagines a not-too-far-off future in which a Trump-like president allows American citizens to murder each other, legally, one day a year.

The new wax figurine of President-elect Donald Trump stands at Madame Tussauds wax museum on January 18, 2017 in Washington, DC.
Madame Tussauds' wax figure likeness of Donald Trump. [Image by Mario Tama/Getty Images]

Per the Post, Donald Trump's Purge slogan came up in a chat with the incoming president. The article was meant to detail how Donald came up with his initial "Make America Great Again" catchphrase. In an interview portion of the piece, Donald starts shouting for his lawyer after revealing his reportedly self-realized slogan for a re-election bid, "Keep America Great." Trump apparently wants it both with and without exclamation marks.

"Will you trademark and register, if you would, if you like it -- I think I like it, right? Do this: 'Keep America Great,' with an exclamation point. With and without an exclamation. 'Keep America Great.'"
As if the growing cognitive dissonance within the United States couldn't get any worse, the President-elect Trump wants his 2020 re-election campaign to hinge on a slogan from a horror movie wherein American citizens are allowed to legally murder each other one day a year. Previously mentioned above, the movie itself even had a Donald-esque president implicit in the onscreen "purging" scheme. Can it get any more meta?

As indicated by the Huffington Post, the movie "basically made the slogan as a way to troll Trump." HuffPo also pointed to a discussion with Purge actor Frank Grillo. In that article, Grillo describes the origins of the film's Election Year subtitle, stipulating that the third and most successful Purge installment's title did not initially contain the political inscription. Only after the similarities to Donald were realized did the studio alter the title.

"In the beginning when we shot the movie it wasn't called Purge: Election Year. Oddly enough, the guy who plays the President in the movie, he plays him like Trump -- totally by accident. There's a lot of parallels between the GOP race and the movie and the messages that are being put forward and then Universal got this great idea to call it Purge: Election Year."
Poster for 'The Purge: Election Year' (2016).
'The Purge: Election Year' one-sheet poster. [Image by Universal Pictures]

I guess we, the public, shouldn't be surprised by this development. After all, now that we're living in the alternate 1985 hellscape from Back to the Future II, stuff like this should just be expected. Remember when Biff owns the world in that film, and he can basically do whatever he wants? You know, after he stole back the Grays Sports Almanac from Marty? I believe that's the gist of it. Anyway, yeah, that's us. That's our future. Biff's our president.

So Donald Trump wants his re-election slogan to be the tagline from The Purge: Election Year -- again, a film where a U.S. president not unlike Trump has American citizens murder each other to cull the herd.

I thought Kanye was going to run in 2020?

What do you make of Donald Trump's proposed Purge-errific 2020 re-election slogan? Did you see The Purge: Election Year? Are you bracing for Donald Trump's presidency? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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