New Series 'Killing Bigfoot' To Debut on Destination America [Spoilers]

Most Bigfoot enthusiasts would love to have definitive proof that the elusive creature exists, and there are some who are willing to kill one to get that proof. This controversial approach draws a lot of criticism and resistance from those who don't want to see any of the animals harmed. Over the years, few things have been discussed more within the Bigfoot community than the pro-kill versus the no-kill issue. This is a touchy subject with many, and emotions often run high on both sides. No-kill advocate Dr. Webb Sentell believes that if a Bigfoot is killed, it will stir up a lot of conflict. He also believes that the animals are actually a type of human hybrid and as such, shouldn't be killed, but protected.

Ever since he had an encounter as a child, Bobby Hamilton has been on the hunt for Bigfoot and along with friend Jim Lansdale, they founded the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO). According to The Global Dispatch, on the season premiere of Killing Bigfoot, the GCBRO attends a Bigfoot conference and mini-fair in Honobia, Oklahoma, where they want to explain why they feel it is necessary to harvest a Bigfoot. Their goal is to kill only one so it can be studied and more can be learned about how to protect them, but their plan is hotly debated and met with a lot of anger and scorn.
Although there are people who are strongly against taking down a Bigfoot for the purposes of study and research, there are those who agree with the idea. The members of GCBRO are made up of a diverse group of former police officers, National Guard and military veterans, a medical technician, civil engineers, and even a coroner's body removal specialist. As a team, they are willing to travel anywhere across the South in order to follow a lead, or investigate a Bigfoot sighting or encounter.

On this season of Killing Bigfoot, the GCBRO's main objective is to assist anyone who is being harassed or frightened by alleged encounters with an aggressive Bigfoot. Horror World shared that in many areas of the South, the GCBRO believes there is a sleeker, faster, and much more aggressive type of Bigfoot that is responsible for attacking people's homes, farm animals, and pets. This is the creature that the GCBRO is interested in and believe that by killing one specimen, they can provide once and for all definitive proof of Bigfoot's existence.

After they attend the Honobia conference, the team heads off to Louisiana when they receive information about possible new evidence concerning an incident that involved an alleged Bigfoot known as a "devil monkey." The animal was reportedly seen laying on the side of the road, and could have possibly been hit by a car. They send parts of a small skull they discover, including some jaw fragments with teeth, to a DNA lab for testing.

Locals in the area report seeing a small orangutan-like animal running across the road and hearing what sounds like a monkey in the woods nearby. The description of this Bigfoot sounds similar to the Orang Pendek, which is reportedly said to be found in the remote and mountainous forests on the island of Sumatra. For over a century, sightings of this small cryptid, or cryptozoological animal, has been documented by the local population, Dutch colonists, Western scientists, and travelers to the region.

In the South, "monkey" sightings go back decades, creating some confusion among Bigfoot investigators as to what exactly they may be dealing with. Despite the fact that this doesn't sound like the typical Bigfoot that the team is interested in, they decide to organize a night hunt and their decision pays off with a frightening close encounter. To top it all off, they may have also caught one of the creatures on camera.

Will you be watching Killing Bigfoot? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions concerning Killing Bigfoot below. The six-episode, first season of Killing Bigfoot premieres on Saturday, February 4 at 10 p.m. ET on Destination America.

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