Katie Holmes Awkwardly Dines Next To ‘Free Katie’ and ‘Save Suri’ Advocates

The award for the most awkward dinner goes to the group of people that thought it would be funny to dress up as Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise freedom fighters, who were also joined by a guy dressed up as Tom Cruise in Top Gun garb.

The creative group of costumers arrived at Mr. Chow, the New York City eatery before hitting the town for Halloween. However, what they probably weren’t expecting was to be seated down right next to Katie Holmes and daughter Suri, who also happened to be eating at Mr. Chow as well.

According to Page Six, Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri were enjoying a meal at Mr. Chow when the “Free Katie” and “Save Suri” individuals were seated next to them at a separate table. Was it a coincidence or did the hostess have an awesome sense of humor? Either way, it had to be awkward for the offensively costumed group that were forced to sit in close proximity to the people they were mocking.

The Post also picked up the story, saying a witness to the whole ordeal said, “the group exchanged an awkward glance with Katie,” who of course, “kept her cool and didn’t say anything,” which is a far cry from flanking the group down or pulling them to the side of a talk. Holmes, kept her composure, and the group of diners in the slogan t-shirts, perhaps out of embarrassment, covered up their messages so Suri would not notice.

No word on what the guy dressed up as Tom Cruise did. Perhaps he took his aviators off, but that probably wouldn’t have mattered with such an iconic costume.

Do you have any awkward celebrity run-ins?