Meghan King Edmonds Baby: ‘RHOC’ Star Explains Meaning Behind Daughter’s Name

Meghan King Edmonds is currently enjoying her role as a mother as she gave birth to her daughter Aspen King Edmonds back in late November. The little girl was due in early December, but on Thanksgiving weekend, she decided to make her arrival at a hospital in St. Louis. Meghan has been sharing updates on social media about her role as a mother and pictures of her daughter Aspen since giving birth, but fans have no idea where the name came from. King Edmonds hadn't opened up about baby names before, but based on comments made to Bravo, it sounds like Meghan had plenty of good ideas.

According to a new Bravo report, Meghan King Edmonds revealed that she had plenty of baby names to choose from, but her husband kept shutting her down. Every time she had a name for their daughter, Meghan would suggest it, and Jimmy Edmonds would simply say no. However, the name for their daughter came up when the couple was spending time at their St. Louis home.

"I came up with a lot of ideas and Jimmy pretty much said no to every single one," Meghan King Edmonds explains, according to Bravo, revealing that they couldn't decide on any name with an overwhelming passion, adding, "There was a couple [of names] that he liked, but that was the one that we both decided on."

During her pregnancy, King Edmonds traveled quite a bit, so one can imagine that she picked up on various baby names and possibly inspirations for her name. But it wasn't until she was sitting in her Idaho home that the name hit her. And when she presented it to her husband, he fell in love with it immediately. As it turns out, the name was unique enough, but not completely outrageous.

"We were at our house in Idaho and we were just talking about names. And there's Aspen trees right outside the window of our house and we said, 'What about Aspen?' and that was it," Meghan King Edmonds explains about how they found Aspen's name, adding, "We thought it sounded feminine and unique, but not crazy out there. So we both really liked it."

When Meghan was on The ReaL Housewives of Orange County, she revealed that her name was actually Meghan King; not Meghan King Edmonds. Even though she had married Jimmy Edmonds, she hadn't taken his last name. So when Jimmy was under the impression that his daughter's name would be Aspen Edmonds without a middle name, Meghan revealed that her last name should be Aspen's middle name to match her own name.

"Her middle name is King. That's her name. Jimmy's like, 'Wait, wait, like aren't we going to talk about her middle name?' And I'm like, 'Do you want to talk about her last name? Like we can change that if you want to talk about her middle name. Otherwise her middle name is King,'" Meghan King Edmonds explains to Bravo.

These days, Meghan King Edmonds is enjoying her role as a mother. She recently announced that she was starting a writing job where she would be sharing her experiences with mothers around the country. But King Edmonds hasn't revealed whether she's returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County. Last season, she revealed that the drama was just too much, and she wasn't sure she wanted to bring her baby into a group of women who called one another degrading names and one of whom was caught lying about cancer.

What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds' comments about how they found Aspen's name? What do you think of the name that Meghan and her husband finally agreed upon for their little daughter?

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