Saoirse Ronan: An Actress To Watch In 2017

Saoirse Ronan was born Saoirse Una Ronan in April, 1994, in New York City. An Irish-American actress and a two-time Academy Award nominee, Ronan received a Best Supporting Actress nomination for Atonement and a Best Actress nomination for Brooklyn.

The popular actress is set to play the lead role in On Chesil Beach, a new movie based on Ian McEwan’s Booker Prize-nominated novel of the same name. RTÉ reported that the film is set in 1962 and its plot revolves around a couple who decided to spend their honeymoon in a hotel located on Chesil Beach.

Ronan plays Florence, a wife who is afraid of sexual intimacy because of her past sexual experiences; while on the other hand, Edward, Florence’s husband, is sexually motivated and has no inhibitions regarding sex. Over the course of their honeymoon, the young couple comes to realize that they had entirely different upbringings. The rest of the movie deals with how their prospects take shape and how their relationship evolves after they acknowledge the differences between them.

On Chesil Beach will be produced by Elizabeth Karlsen, who has said that she was very happy to work with Ronan again after working with the Atonement actress when she featured in Byzantium, a horror movie in which Ronan played the role of a vampire. According to RTÉ, Karlsen revealed that it was exciting to be working again with Ronan.

“It’s an extremely exciting prospect to be reunited with Saoirse Ronan on such a beautiful and heartbreaking project.”

On Chesil Beach is yet another film project based on a novel by Ian McEwan. Saoirse Ronan played the role of Briony Tallis in Joe Wright’s Atonement, a movie based on Ian McEwan’s novel of the same name. Ronan’s Briony is a 13-year-old immature writer who falsely accuses her sister’s lover of raping a girl. Later, Briony realizes her mistake, understanding that her accusation has ruined the lives of innocent people.

Joe Wright was understandably impressed with Ronan’s acting skills, and she was also positively acknowledged by film critics. The film was critically acclaimed and became a box-office hit. Ronan was later nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Supporting Actress category for her role in Atonement. Even though she didn’t win, she was recognized as one of the youngest actresses to be nominated for an Academy Award.

Her acting talents won her roles in films like Death Defying Acts, City of Ember, The Lovely Bones, The Way Back, Hanna, and The Grand Budapest Hotel, plus it enabled her to work with Hollywood stalwarts like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Susan Sarandon, Mark Wahlberg, Ed Harris, Collin Farrell, Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana, Jim Sturgess, Ralph Fiennes, and Adrien Brody.

Saoirse Ronan’s career appears to be on the up-and-up, with her acting skills continuing to grow and mature. In 2016, 22-year-old Saoirse Ronan was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Actress category for her role in Brooklyn, a film based on Colm Toibin’s novel. Perhaps Ronan has an inclination towards feminism because it appears she loves playing the role of strong, complex, and intelligent women.

Saoirse Ronan has proven to be an inspiration to other women because of her assertiveness and confidence in pursuing her career goals. Her positive qualities have enabled her to be considered a Next Generation Leader by Time magazine, and in 2016 she earned the pride and respect of Irish people by appearing on the cover of the popular magazine. Previously, rock group U2 and politician Enda Kenny were influential Irish representatives who featured on the cover of Time magazine.

In fact, the Independent recently named Saoirse Ronan one of the “actresses in the spotlight in 2017.”

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]