Green Bay Packers: Five Reasons They Will Win Super Bowl 51

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are gearing up for the NFC Championship Game against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday afternoon. It is a game that very few gave the Packers a chance to be playing in. Defeating the Dallas Cowboys wasn't an easy task for Green Bay, but they got the job done and are now one game away from Super Bowl 51.

Looking ahead at the matchup for the Packers, it is yet another test. Knocking off a high-powered offense like Atlanta with a beat up defense won't be easy. If they can come out with another win, it will prove once again that the Packers can overcome the odds.

There are plenty of reasons for the Packers' fan base to be confident ahead of this week's game. Green Bay lost to the Falcons in the regular season by a final score of 33-32, although the team as a whole was playing at a much lower level than they are currently.

It will be an entertaining game for the fans, especially with each team's offense playing the way they are.

All of that being said, what five reasons could be given to support the statement that the Green Bay Packers will end up winning Super Bowl 51?

Aaron Rodgers Is Playing At An Incredibly High Level

Green Bay has to feel confident with Aaron Rodgers on their side. He is playing at an incredibly high level and might very well be playing the best football of his career. Rodgers will continue that play over the next two games and will give his team a great chance to win Super Bowl 51.

Green Bay's Defense Is Stepping Up With Big Plays and Stops

Each of the last two games has been a major test for the Green Bay defense. Both of those games showed that the Green Bay defense is capable of stepping up and coming through with big plays and stops. Facing a red-hot Atlanta offense and New England or Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl won't be easy, but the Packers will be able to handle the challenge and come out on top.

Ty Montgomery Has Completely Transformed The Green Bay Offense

After Eddie Lacy went down, the Green Bay running game was ruled out completely. Ty Montgomery came onto the scene and completely transformed the Green Bay offense. The Packers need their new running back to step up, and that is exactly what he will do in the final two games of the season.

The Team Is Playing Closer Than Ever

Team chemistry is something that isn't taken seriously enough in sports. Even with that being the case, the Packers have come together as a team, and they are truly playing for each other. Green Bay is playing their best football at the right time, which normally leads to success.

Green Bay Matches Up Well With All Three Teams

Looking at the potential matchups, the Packers match up well with the three other teams remaining in the Super Bowl race. They can hang with the Falcons' and Patriots' offense while being able to outscore the Steelers in a big way. Defensively, every single one of the teams left have holes in their defense just as big as Green Bay's.

Expect to see the Packers put on a good show no matter the outcome of the games. Losing to a team like Atlanta, New England or Pittsburgh would be nothing to hang their heads about. Green Bay may not end up winning the Super Bowl, but the five reasons listed above certainly give them a good chance.

Do you think the Green Bay Packers will end up winning Super Bowl 51? If not, who do you think will end up winning? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

[Featured Image by Michael Ainsworth/AP Images]