President Obama Facebook Profile Photos On January 20: Boycott To Protest President Trump's Inauguration Gets Buzz

There are a number of ways that some folks are protesting the fact that President-elect Donald Trump is set to become the president on Friday, January 20. One of those ways involves changing Facebook profile photos to President Obama on Friday, so if you're scrolling through Facebook and see plenty of Facebook profile photos of President Obama -- at least for the folks on Facebook who don't already have President Obama as their Facebook profile photos -- that person is likely protesting President-elect Trump.

Not everyone who changes their Facebook profile photo to President Obama is protesting President Trump. Indeed, scrolling through the search term "Facebook profile photo Obama Trump" turns up notions that some people are changing their Facebook profile photos to images of President Obama in order to say goodbye and celebrate the fact that the presidency is transitioning from President Obama to President Trump.

Others, however, are changing their Facebook profile photos to President Obama on President-elect Trump's big day in order to protest the fact that Mr. Trump is swearing in on January 20. The Facebook posts being passed around offer some version of the below text, proving that some people are going to be up at midnight in order to change their Facebook profile photos to President Obama exactly when January 19 transitions to January 20.

"Okay, so on Friday at 12:01 a.m., I will change my profile picture to one that shows respect for President Obama and his family. I will leave my TVs on all day on Friday on a station that will NOT cover the inauguration. Channels such as National Geographic, the Game Show Network, QVC, HSN, etc. qualify. This action will affect the ratings in my own personal way. I understand that this is necessary as a silent protest against everything that has happened since November. I am not asking you to do the same, but it makes me feel better knowing that someone else knows that I am. You are welcome to forward this message. Peace."

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According to Snopes, the part about TV viewers being able to take a drastic bite out of President-elect Trump's Inauguration Day TV ratings by changing the TV channel to something other than Mr. Trump's swearing-in ceremony and other festivities is a mostly false notion. Despite the calls on Facebook for people to turn to channels that won't broadcast Trump's inauguration on January 20 -- such as the Science Channel, the History Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, and Comedy Central (any of which might display Trump's inauguration) -- such a move might not negatively affect Mr. Trump's ratings.

The publication notes that a boycott of President-elect Trump by switching away from channels covering Inauguration Day news won't likely make a bit of difference unless the person switching away from President Trump's swearing-in ceremony and other activities is part of a Nielsen family. Therefore, Nielsen households that intentionally choose not to watch President Trump getting sworn in and strolling down the street with First Lady Melania Trump and swaying in the first dance together at the Inaugural Ball might make an impact upon ratings. However, non-Nielsen households might want to stick to their plans to change their Facebook profile photos to Mr. Obama if they choose to make a statement.

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As seen in the top photo above from Wednesday, January 18, artists worked on a wax figure of Mr. Trump at Madame Tussauds in Orlando, which will be on display in the "Oval Office" room in Orlando on January 19, one day ahead of the January 20 Inauguration Day of President-elect Trump in Washington, D.C.

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