Sophie Stanbury On Caroline Stanbury: Reconciliation Will Happen But ‘Not Quite Yet’

Sophie Stanbury joined Ladies of London this past season, and she was excited to see what the show could do for her. When Sophie joined the cast, she was divorcing her husband, Alex, she was close with her sister-in-law Caroline Stanbury, and she was ready to explore life as a single mother. However, something went wrong and Sophie may have said the wrong thing about Caroline behind her back because their relationship quickly crumbled. Sadly, the two former family members have not worked out their issues, and when Caroline recently stopped by Watch What Happens Live, she revealed that their relationship was still broken.

According to a new Bravo report, Sophie Stanbury is now giving her side of the story and saying that she has confidence that they can work out their issues. For Sophie, it's important that they can sit down and have a good heart-to-heart conversation about their issues, but that hasn't been possible because of Caroline's move to Dubai and the show still airing.

"We're on hold, not broken. That would be, like, forever," Sophie Stanbury told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live this week, adding, "I think there is at some point going to be a reconciliation but just not quite yet."

Since Ladies of London wrapped filming, Caroline has moved to Dubai with her husband, Cem, and it sounds like she has found a new business idea in Dubai. And while Caroline appears to have moved on from the drama that happened on the show, it sounds like Sophie Stanbury isn't a part of her new life. But for Sophie, it's more important that she has a great relationship with her ex-husband, Alex.

"The main thing is [my ex-husband] Alex [Stanbury] and I are in a good place. We communicate pretty well. The boys are happy. They spent time in Dubai. And even though Caroline and I aren't in a good place, everything else is calm."

Of course, on Ladies of London, Caroline is still living in London, and one has to wonder if they tried to work things out before she packed up her bags and moved to another country. Sophie admits that the distance has made things difficult.

"The fact that we live so far away from each other, it's good to have that space right now and reevaluate and figure out how to patch things up eventually," Sophie Stanbury explains to Andy about her relationship with Caroline, adding that the filming didn't help their relationship.

She admits that things didn't get any easier between them as the show started airing because Sophie Stanbury is learning what Caroline is saying about her behind her back.

"It was so intense filming, and I think when you are very close to somebody and you have been very close to somebody and then your relationship becomes negative, it's really difficult going through that. And I found it really hard, and I know Caroline found it really hard. So now to have to relive it, watch it again, it brings back some of those feelings. So I think we'll just wait until [this season of Ladies of London has] finished airing, have a bit more space, and then have a conversation," Sophie told Andy, according to Bravo.

It will be interesting to see how Ladies Of London plays out, as there are still a few episodes left of this season. And fans are excited to see if Caroline decides to return next season, even though she's spending the majority of her time in Dubai.

What do you think of Sophie Stanbury's comments that only time will heal their relationship? Do you think Caroline feels the same way?

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