New 'Power Rangers' Trailer Released: 5 Exciting Takeaways For The Movie

A new Power Rangers trailer has been released by Lionsgate. Available on YouTube, the trailer has some exciting elements that show just how different the movie is going to be from the original children's TV show. Here are five exciting takeaways that make fans of the show intrigued about the movie.

1. There's a Modern Day Feel to the Movie

As much as fans love the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, there's no denying the 1990s feel. Looking back, there is some bad acting, poor special effects, and ridiculous costumes. There isn't much that can be done about the tech at the time, but thankfully the new Power Rangers movie isn't going to follow the example.

The new trailer has a much more modern-day feel. It actually feels like Alpha 5 and Zordon are from another world where tech is far more advanced. There's no denying that they have capabilities and experience that the Power Rangers will be able to harness.

2. Rita Repulsa Is Stronger Than Ever

While Rita was a strong female character for the 1990s TV show, the new Power Rangers trailer makes it very clear that they are making her stronger. No longer will she stand on the moon and watch as her minions try to take down the Power Rangers. There isn't the comedic element when she fails to succeed.

Instead, Rita will be a strong warrior with superhuman abilities. She will move mountains to make sure she gets what she wants: complete control. There isn't anything to show how Rita will come into the movie (or even whether Rita will be her real name), but already fans want to know more about her.

3. The Power Rangers Are Warriors

While the Power Rangers were always supposed to be warriors, something was missing with the Mighty Morphin' versions. Although one of the alluring parts was that they had slightly superhuman abilities out of their suits but far more inside their suits, they didn't quite appear as powerful as they were meant to be.

These new Rangers will be more like superheroes than regular teens. Zordon makes a point that the Power Rangers were legendary warriors, and there is certainly that feeling when watching the five teens figure out their abilities. Having a stronger and more powerful Rita also gives the feeling that these Power Rangers will become warriors, along with the futuristic battle-armor style costumes.

4. All Rangers Will Need to Train

The original Power Rangers already had some experience in fighting -- at least, some of them did. Jason and Trini were trained in martial arts, while Kimberly was a gymnast, so could already do the flips needed. Tommy was also trained in martial arts. It didn't take long for the teenagers to learn how to fight and develop their abilities.

This clearly isn't the case with the new Power Rangers movie. The teens will come together as "screwups" and have to learn how to fight and harness their new superpowers. They will need to learn how to work as a team to take down the biggest evil Angel Grove has ever seen. Fans will see the Rangers fully develop into the warriors that they are now destined to be.

5. There's a Darker and Grittier Feel

There's no denying that Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was created for kids. The storylines were light and fluffy, with at least one member of the team learning a lesson at the very end. There were stories of overcoming bullies and being good to one-another for those watching.

The new Power Rangers trailer makes it very clear that this isn't going to be the case for the newest installment. There is a darker edge, mimicking many of the superhero movies currently out. The storyline looks grittier, making it for teenagers and young adults, rather than children. Coming off the back of short Power Rangers movie starring James Van Der Beek, this is certainly a welcoming element.

What do you think about the latest Power Rangers trailer? Does it make you want to see the upcoming movie? Power Rangers will be released on March 24, 2017, according to

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