Man Flushes Living Hamster Down The Toilet In Disturbing Viral Video, Allegedly An Act Of Revenge Against Ex-Girlfriend

A man flushed a living hamster down a toilet in a viral video that has drawn outrage across the globe. The horrific act of animal abuse was allegedly filmed as revenge against a cheating ex-girlfriend.

The video has spread across the internet this week, gaining media coverage in the United States and globally. It came from a video posted to Twitter in which a man grabbed the hamster out of its enclosure and threw it into a toilet. He then immediately flushed the toilet, sending the still-living hamster down the drain.

As the Daily Mail pointed out, it appears the man responsible for flushing the hamster down the toilet may have posted the video himself.

"Posted on Twitter by user @ClutchLikeRomo the clip shows a man reaching into a hamster's cage and grabbing the helpless animal," the report noted. "He immediately throws it into the toilet and presses the flush."

The man also included his justification for flushing the hamster down the toilet. He was getting back at his ex-girlfriend, which was made apparent when he tweeted an angry message to a woman named Lisa.

"My ex gave me a pet hamster for Christmas and cheated on me F*** YOU AND YOUR HAMSTER LISA YOU W**RE," the man wrote.

The case of the man who flushed the hamster down the toilet is similar to another viral story of animal abuse from last year. In February, a man named Leon Teague was slapped with felony animal cruelty charges after he allegedly boiled a pot of water and threw it on a stray cat while recording it. The video was later posted to Facebook, and it quickly went viral.

NBC Chicago reported that Teague was arrested within two days of the video showing up online.

Though Teague was arrested in Chicago, the video itself was filmed in South Carolina. As the animal abuse video was spreading across the internet, the Greenville Police Department posted an update on Facebook that it was doing everything it could to track down the culprit.

"We wanted to reassure everyone that we have taken this video seriously. Very early this morning, we were able to determine that the individual who posted this video does NOT live in Greenville; however, it's possible he visits this area. Early this morning, our telecommunicators were able to identify an address for him in Martin County. They immediately notified authorities with the Martin County Sheriff's Office, who located him a little after 8:00 AM today. Our detectives are currently in Martin County, working with members of the Martin County Sheriff's office, to interview the individual who posted this video. We would like to reiterate that no one has been arrested at this point. We are still in the very preliminary stages of an investigation. Detectives have not yet determined who the person is in the video, where this occurred, or IF this occurred in Eastern North Carolina."
The cat ended up surviving the attack, and Teague was later sentenced to three years in prison.
And in a case the previous year, a Florida woman named Katie Brown was accused of wrapping her dog's mouth with duct tape and then posting a picture of it on Facebook. Brown noted that the tape was punishment for the dog barking too loudly.

"I cant lie. [I] did it for sixty seconds. It was time out," Brown wrote. "Dont panic everyone it was only for a minute but hasn't barked since… POINT MADE!!!"

There are still many details missing in the video of the living hamster flushed down the toilet. News outlets have not identified where or when the video was filmed, or whether police are investigating the apparent act of animal cruelty.

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